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7 thoughts on “Women can not run for president in Egypt

  1. So much for any illusions that the state is secular if the Presidents role includes leading the citizens in prayer. Or illusions that Copts are a part of the state.

  2. the mufti can stuff something up his ass for all i care.
    The constitution says it’s ok, if god doesn’t like it he can send madam president to hell when she dies, till then this is bullcrap

  3. Uhh…the question should be “does the head of state have to lead the prayer or can that be designated to a more religious authority?” My guess is he’d say that would be just fine if that’s the way the president wants it…as long as he’s a man.

    Specious reasoning.

  4. We have a friend who has spent almost all of last year in Egypt.

    He loved it.

    But his story is titled Decay

    Read it, his english is not perfect but readable.

    (yes, he is a Muslim and and an American)

    Papa Ray

  5. In fairness, it’s not like all that many people can run for “President” of Egypt anyways.

    The only people that can are those named “Mubarak” and a handful of pre-picked individuals who can only garner 1-5% max at the polls.

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