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3 thoughts on “Why Sadr fled

  1. Makes me think Maliki wanted him to get away. Why publicly warn them for nearly a week straight? Seems suspicious to me. They say he’s in Najaf, but I think not. Tey should have closed the borders 3 years ago. Baghdad was always the key city to bring under control. We screwed up big time. I’m not sure if it will matter now. Kind of like the signs on my street telling me that they will enforce the speed limit beginning on 2/16. I went slow through there today and didn’t get a ticket, but had I not been warned, I would have. Seems silly to warn criminals. Do the ends justify the means? I didn’t speed, but I will next week and Sadr will be back as well.

  2. There is only one flaw to Moqtada’s plan.

    By the time he returns, the Iraqi Army will have gone from 10 Divisions at 80-90% manning to 13 Divisions at 110% manning.

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