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7 thoughts on “What do Egypt and Iran have in common?

  1. In fact things have gotten worse in iran the local s.s. (i mean al quds force) is now allowed to have extra legal killings of sinners and since they consider Bahai’ to be apostate sinners i would bet there will be more xtra legal murders of behai’

  2. nuthin in common , egyptian muslims are sunniz, iranian muslims are sheas, the only diff is that the egyptian govenment “submited” to the western dictators while iranian are independant of all cultures and mayby practice islam more than any other arab country

  3. well thats not very true……because egypt in fact is one of the most islamic countries in the world,,,submitted to the west that’s another subject….but when it comes to islam,,, we have the first university in the world(Al-Azhar) that teaches everything bout islam,islamic law and the islam way of life, egypt also is the headquarters of the most active and peaceful islami movement..(Al-Ikhwan ) …..and one of the few islamic countries that fills its mosques in prayers other than the Guma`a prayer(friday prayer)…..now Iran is know to be very religious…but its all political…….the only way to maintain the power is to hide under the coat of religion …one of the oldest tactics…

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