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This story is all kinds of messed up. A sunni woman comes out and accuses 3 members of the iraqi secuirty forces of raping her, so the sunnis get outraged of course and demand an investigation. "US backed" Prime Minister Al Malki reaction: Fire the Sunni official who demanded the investigation, issue an arrest warrant for the woman and plans to reward the men. Even if the woman lied about the rape, which is Malki's excuse for his actions, something just ain't right here!

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31 thoughts on “The Sunni women's rape case in Iraq

  1. Oh Iraq, land of political intrigues and unconventional warfare…

    “Al-Samaraie said Monday the rape allegations offered what he called proof of the failure of the security push in Baghdad to protect the city’s residents.”

    What! It’s barely even started! I agree, something is very fishy with this story. Rape victims, real or not, could be effective pawns, especially in a society where two groups of people are pitted against eachother in a righteousness contest.

    Most laughable is:

    the Islamic Army in Iraq — declared “we will not sleep or be satisfied until we avenge you and every free woman who was stripped of her virtue and dignity.”


    Baghdad, 21 Feb. (AKI) – The Iraqi prime minister Nouri al-Maliki on Wednesday sacked the Sunni head of the Waqf, the religious body that overseas Sunni mosques and sites for the government, Ahmad Abdel Ghafur al-Samarrai, for his comments over the contrversial rape allegations of a young woman. The woman, named as Sabrin al-Janabi, accused Shiite policemen of raping her when she was detained briefly on Sunday on suspicion of harbouring militants. The controversy has raised sectarian tensions within the fragile government.

    The management of the Waqf, led by al-Samarrai, had issued a statement in which it confirmed the violence undergone by the woman and described it as a “crime that shows the failure of the new security plan for Baghdad.”

    The government said her claims were not backed up by medical checks and the accusations are an attempt to tarnish the reputation of the mainly Shiite police force who also operate in Sunni areas

    The document issued on Wednesday is a “theatre trauma nursing record” from Ibn Sina Hospital, located in Baghdad’s international Green Zone and run by the US military. The handwritten report says in English and Arabic that there were “no vaginal lacerations or obvious injuries”. The patient’s name is blanked out.

    The woman, 20, who made the allegation in an emotional interview with the Arabic TV network al-Jazeera, has not been identified.

    The comment has angered al-Maliki, who is a Shiite, who has released a copy of a US medical report saying no rape had taken place.

    When the accusations emerged al-Maliki’s office initially promised a full inquiry then, several hours later issued a second statement formally denying the allegations, ordering that the accused officers be commended and accusing “known groups” meaning Sunni political parties of fabricating the story in a bid to discredit the securilty forces.

    However Sunni political and religious groups have backed the woman’s accusations.
    An aide of vice president Tariq Hashimi, a Sunni, said the prime minister’s office had acted hastily, and doctors had in fact confirmed rape had taken place.

    In a statement posted to Islamist internet forums, the Islamic Army in Iraq, the Sunni Salafite group that murdered Italian freelance report Enzo Baldoni in 2004, annouced that it “wanted to revenge in any way the honour of Sabrin, violated by the security forces of Baghdad.”

    Feb-21-07 16:05

  3. If there’s a medical report saying no rape took place… And if al-Samarrai is designating it a “crime that shows the failure of the new security plan for Baghdad”…

    Sounds like al-Samarrai is using something that probably didn’t happen to stir up trouble. I think al-Maliki’s right to fire him. The last thing he needs is government members pouring gasoline on fires.

    Still… if al-M were smart, he’d have accompanied this dismissal with the promise of a full enquiry into the alleged incident. To cover his ass and to appear even-handed. Otherwise, a lot of people are going to react like Sam did: “something just ain’t right here!”

  4. First off, I hope this woman didn’t accuse them of rape if they didn’t do it. Second, I hope Maliki didn’t dismess it out of hand because they are Shia. This is a problem no doubt. It is a bad sign. Justice is for everyone and the law is for everyone. Period. No society will be civilized without this basic belief. The medical report proves she wasn’t raped? Well, I think rape is so taboo (talking about it anyways) that a report may be falsified. An investigation is needed and Maliki should not have reacted in this way. Besides, how can he just fire people? Don’t they need to be unelected?

  5. The Sunni Factions in Iraq are the clone of their Baathist ancestors, masters of Fishy Barking Propaganda, a kind of media that in each and every time backfired the Sunnes themselves!

    However, the current situation in Iraq is a recipe to catastrophy, i fear we did not see the worst yet!

  6. Sunni-Shia Uproar Over Disputed Rape Allegations
    February 20, 2007


    [But the statement issued by Maliki’s office said that medical examinations by the investigation committee showed that there was no sexual assault against the woman and that there were three prior warrants for her arrest by security forces. The statement also accused “certain parties” of fabricating the story to discredit armed forces pursuing terrorists and working to restore security to the capital and to undermine the new security operation. The allegations were first broadcast on the Al-Jazeera satellite channel yesterday and were picked up by the Associated Press and the daily Azzaman newspaper. The Association of Muslim Scholars and the Sunni Endowments Board both issued statements strongly condemning the incident and describing the situation in Iraq as “moral extermination” of Iraqis by governmental troops. The association called for an international investigation of the case because the Iraqi government is an impartial body and the investigation took only a few hours to complete. The governmental Al-Iraqiya channel had accused “prejudiced media outlets” of fabricating the story.]


  7. duh!! forgot to leave a comment re:

    bg Says:
    February 21st, 2007 at 7:23 pm

    sounds a tad theatrically cartoonish to me.. so i’m betting the ‘allegations’ are trumped up.. if the Iraqi soldiers are running around raping women, this wouldn’t have been the first we’d have heard about.. unfortunately i’m sure there’ll be more claims.. as they have learned very well how making “moral charges”, be they real or imagined, can shape global perceptions..

    ps: jmho.. he was fired for trying to foment voilence due to the retaliation threats that were made..


  8. #1: This is like Europe all over again.
    I mean 16th century Europe.
    Yeah, sigh, women wore corsets back then. :->
    Don’t see Muslimas in corsets; burkas have NO sex appeal.

  9. This story seems to have problems, looking at it from either side. Making a false claim of rape is a crime. She was examined immediately after the incident by US medical personnel. Seems like there should be a case to make one way or the other, but instead everyone is just making accusations.

  10. Thanks Charlie 316, you are right,
    F-111A Aardvark is the main Prototype served in Vietnam & Raven is the [EF-111B – Bomer ECM Type].
    But this way i find my nick name unique!

  11. where does it state American’s examined the woman??

    “medical examinations by the investigation committee”

    since when are American’s on Iraq’s “medical examiners investigation committee”??


  12. sorry..

    bg Says:
    February 22nd, 2007 at 12:30 am

    where does it state American’s examined the woman??

    “medical examinations by the investigation committee”

    since when are American’s on Iraq’s “medical examiners investigation committee”??


    sorry, meant to address:

    Craig Says:
    February 21st, 2007 at 10:29 pm

    “She was examined immediately after the incident by US medical personnel.”


  13. The new police force was trained by the US military, gung ho 40 year old army reserve people who have been in the reserve program for 20 years…waiting patiently for a chance to do battle with some broke impoverished peoples of this world for not accepting a false Christ named Jeebus. That Jeebus, what a mean little bastard, he is just as mean as Mohamed maybe meaner. She was raped!
    I propose John Locks ‘Compact Theory of Government’ which states, when a government failes to provide for the needs of its people it is the peoples right, no Duty, to change that government by WHATEVER MEANS POSSIBLE. This means by maybe a democratic vote or if thats not possible then use a fukking car bomb and cut a muther fukkers head off…what ever works. I’am not Egyptian but if you people in Egypt are being arrested for free speach on a blog, or if your sister was rapped and no justice is found….invint it. Dont like Theocratic rule? Distroy it Its your duty as a human being…..Organized religeon dresses up closed mindedness in the garb of piety, oppression, and cruelty with a cloak of pseudo self-rightousness. Its worthy of fighting.
    Rock On Brother!!!!!!!

  14. We now have a 2nd Sunni woman claiming rape. I dunno. First we have that “top secret, really hidden, no one will ever know, you can trust me with it” letter that Maliki supposedly wrote to Sadr. Then we have a Sunni rape accusation, and now another one:


    Baghdad, 22 Feb. (AKI) – A second Iraqi Sunni woman has come forward alleging that she has been raped by members of the security forces. Her accusation fuels the contoversy over the behaviour of the security forces, after Sabrin al-Jiburi, 20, said on Monday that she had been the victim of sexual violence by policemen. Her allegations have created tensions within the government of prime minister Nouri al-Maliki who defending the police said medical tests had shown al-Jiburi’s claims were fabricated. Sunni parties have defended her accusations of sexual violenc and accused the Shiite-led government of a cover-up.

    The second woman, named as Wajda Muhammad Amin, interviewed by Qatar based television channel Al Jazeera, said that she had been raped by six members of the police and army, under threat of being shot, during a blitz on her house in Tel Afar, north of Baghdad. The men had tried to rape her two daughters, she also alleged.

    The woman said the soldiers asked her about certain individuals and accused her of lying to them when she insisted that she did not know them.

    “They threatened me that if I did not cooperate they would … cause me a scandal,” she said.

    When asked why she did not report the attack immediately, she replied: “Who do I make a complaint to? No one allows us to complain.”

    The new accusation is another blow for the government which is seeking to ensure that the new security measures, carried out by the Shiite majority army and police, are not seen as victimising or persecuting the Sunni minority.

    Rape is rarely spoken about, let alone denounced in conservative Muslim society.

    Feb-22-07 16:15

  15. ++

    well, even in the civilized world (not saying Iraqis aren’t civilized,just trying to stress the point) rape is a major problem.. under Saddam, rape was an oppressive tool used by the regime to silence & degrade women.. i honestly do not believe the first victims story.. and have no clue as to the second womans claims, as no evidence has been brought forward.. however, the very real problem i’m having believing this is on the up & up relates to the facts that are known to us, which brings 2 pertinent questions that must be asked & answered..

    1) WHY WERE THESE CLIAMS FIRST MADE VIA AL JAZEERA (known pimp for AQ & terrorist insurgents)??

    2) WHY NOW (at the start of a serious clampdown on AQ & terrorist insurgents activities)??

    btw.. many stories of supposed events, including pictures, have been proved to be orchestrated fakes by terrorist orgs..


  16. ++

    4 Iraqi soldiers admit guilt in 2nd rape case iraq…5371299,00.html
    Fevruary 23, 2007


    [A lieutenant and three enlisted men denied the charge but later confessed after they were confronted by the woman, a Turkoman. Abdullah said a fifth soldier suspected something was wrong, burst into the house and forced the others at gunpoint to stop the assault.

    “They have been referred to the judicial authorities so they can receive their just punishment,” said Abdullah, who effectively serves as mayor of the city.]

    that was quick..


  17. ++

    bogus rape allegation
    February 23, 2007


    [Jihadist groups have been falling all over themselves to bandwagon on the “Sabreen Janabi” story—a 17 minute statement issued by the ‘Emir’ of the Islamic Army of Iraq was put out today—and much of the Arab world has been gripped by this saga, which was marshaled to show just how evil the Maliki government really is and that the American ‘surge’ is coming apart.

    Problem is, there’s no “Sabreen Janabi”.

    The 20-something accuser’s real name is Zaineb Abbas Hassan al-Shimmeri from the area of Sabi’ Bour north of Baghdad, according to Deputy Interior Minister for Intelligence Affairs Maj. Gen. Hussein Ali Kamal (a Kurd), in an interview given today to Radio Sawa (Arabic). She may even be originally from a Shi’a family, according to a source of mine, and may have been banished by her family over honor issues, before she began servicing the needs of jihadists and other assorted organized crime syndicates—whatever those services may be.

    According to General Kamal, al-Shimmeri (a tribe that has nothing to do with the Janabis) is a divorcee who is currently legally attached to two other husbands, one of them already in the government’s custody on charges of aiding the insurgency and kidnapping. A corpse has been exhumed from the garden of a former home that she’d lived in with her detained husband, and one former kidnapping victim has come forward and identified her as a member of an abduction ring.

    So much for Sabreen’s honor, and the twenty Janabi lads who’ve lining up to wed her. Poor al-Muhajir is now stuck with hundreds of suicidal boys ready to burst over this perceived slight to Muslim ‘honor’; I guess they’ll just have to wait for Aljazeera’s next ‘Breaking News’ story.]


  18. Thanks bg. As my Grandma used to love to say, “It all comes out in the wash.” I figured that “Sabreen” rape charge was bogus. And the other rape account ended up being brought to light also. Thank God for that 5th soldier. Unfortunately, these things happen sometimes. I hope the 4 soldiers involved face a strick punishment for this, and the Iraqi people will see that justice being served. Thanks for the update!

  19. ++

    #27 Renée Says:
    February 24th, 2007 at 10:13 pm

    yes, quite a transition from the Saddam era.. when part of every day life consisted of woman being systematically raped and/or even worse.. :-:

    gotta admire the new “Law & Order” cowboys.. :+:


  20. The probleme in the arab world is the arabs getting power.
    They take their right to kill and rape whenever it suites them.A new generation musst be tought by none arabs to introduce a none corrupt system in the whole of the arab world.Wake up we are in the 21st century.

  21. Your logic is flawed and your ‘morality’ is non-existent. Your rationalizations are foolish, as are you. There will be a reckoning for every man and woman. You will be judged as I will be; read the Bible and understand that ‘patriotism’ or your convoluted logic will not save you from your sins. You would be wise to drop to your knees and beg the Lord for mercy upon your wicked, detestable being. The Lord Jesus will come again; those who mock and scoff now, will live an eternity of shame and sorrow. The little children and the defenseless who were badly mistreated (inhumanely), will be redeemed and restored, while the scoffers and the arrogant will receive a penalty far more distressing. Again, drop to your knees and pray forgiveness if you are WISE. May the Lord have mercy on you!

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