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10 thoughts on “The imperialist Swiss army

  1. It reminds me with similar incident here in the middle east, ……

    The march to Liechtenstein is one step in the crusade to liberate Jerusalem
    (Swiss Nationalists, [Ficitonal])

    The march to Kuwait is one step in the Jihad to liberate Palestine
    (Arab Nationalists., led by Saddam Hussein, 1990 [True])

  2. swiss army is not professional.
    males are requierred for 3 weeks vacation each year, till a certain age (don’t remember which, from 45 to 55 ?)

  3. I seem to remember a story out of the 1980s or 1990s that reported the annual defense spending of Lichtenstein for one year was $4.63. The money was used to buy a box of blank rifle cartridges to be used for firing a salute at some government celebration.

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