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8 thoughts on “The democrats going after Jessica Lynch now?

  1. Stiffening Resistence!!!


    Harsh Language !!!



    “Democratic leaders in Congress are bent on using a bill that funds our troops to make a political statement about the war,” Mr. Bush said. “They need to do it quickly and get it to my desk so I can veto it, and then Congress can get down to the business of funding our troops without strings and without further delay.”

  2. “Publicity stunt”? Please tell me that was sarcasm, please…

    Since well before the war I’ve been involved in training US troops to perform that type of mission. I just smiled and said “yep” when I heard the discriptions of what went on.

    Oh, I get it, investigate how Jessica got made out the hero during the battle in which she was captured. Yea, I remember the newsmen talking and the “intel” they discussed and kept wondering how 2+2 kept coming up five.

  3. Hello world, I assure you that right now in the US we have creatures like Waxman and Lantos that are obsessed with seeing the US fail. Back in the day many would have thought them to be in bed with the communists. Today many think they are in bed with the Islamofacists. Lantos and Bela Pelosi can’t wait for their shadow government to go on their next trip to Iran. Bela Pelosi and Immadinnerjacket are getting hitched and Lantos is best man. One of the most embarrassing things for the US military is to have a friendly fire accident. First thing to come to mind is, ‘shit, what are we going to tell the family’. Now, it isn’t because anyone is afraid of getting in trouble, everyone knows it was an accident, it’s the feelings of the families that are considered. One would like to present as positive a spin to the accident. Your son was killed by the enemy and he died a hero. The heart is in the right place and anyone with a sense of decency in them would understand. Right now in the US, like the above mentioned they’ll jump on anything to make themselves look good regardless of at whose expense it might be. They play up to the feelings of the survivors and create an atmosphere of conspiracy. But, then there are those survivors that become professional mourners. Cindy Sheehag and Tillman’s mother come to mind, they’ve jumped into bed with the Democrats/Islamofacists. They’re desperate to play an encore to their actions immediately after the Vietnam war. Back then they cut beans and bullets funding to the South Vietnamese and also wouldn’t let our Air Force give them air cover to defend themselves against a Chinese communist FINANCED blitzkreig that over ran the South Vietnamese. They turned a ten year effort of 55,000 dead Americans into an all for naught. We left the South with a reasonable facsimile of a democracy and a military pretty well trained. The democrats wouldn’t spring for a few bucks for beans and bullets and wouldn’t spring for a few flyovers to knock out some tanks, they’d turned the 55,000 into an all for naught, they’re responsible for the millions killed in Pol Pot’s killing fields and also the millions of Vietnamese that voted with their feet preferring to float out to sea on their rafts, the Vietnamese Boat People. We couldn’t lift a finger because the Democrats said, ‘no’. Oh, and they’re all about the people. They are beside themselves with joy because they feel that they’re about to do it all over again in Iraq. If the US fails in Iraq the Iranians will move right in and with the combined money for oil of Iran and Iraq all of you in the Middle East are really in for it.

  4. What Cunningham said.

    And don’t forget, the menu for this Congress after November was predicted by hundreds of blogs and the media itself: The dumocrats will “investigate” and “subpoena” for votes. They will subcommittee themselves into oblivion if allowed to. They aren’t concerned with the outcome as long as they look good doing it.

  5. Is it just me or does it seem like they are rooting for the wrong team? The thing is that while American’s may not like the war they sure didn’t vote for defeat. Me thinks if they don’t stop this sh!t soon that 2008 will see a lot of the HOR freshman not get a second term. Boy that abbreviation sure fits them doesn’t it? LOL

  6. Jessica Lynch was offered free college but she couldn’t handle it so she spread her leg lips to a common factory working whoremaster and got knocked up. Nice cop out Jessica

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