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7 thoughts on “The art of creating the Abdel Karim legend

  1. He got a journalism award? Who would have thunk it.

    But the more publicity he gets, the better. Pressure on the egyptian government regarding his particular case will help protect the rest of you guys writing blogs in the shade of the pyramids.

  2. I wish some country will give kareem asylum when he come out of jail after 4 years, i don’t believe he will be able to live here any more, (if not murdered in jail)!

    would anyone remember him at 2011?

  3. I’m deeply offended by your remark Sam. He may not ‘ve been the sharpest knife out there but considering he’s an Al-Azhar student and prior to that propably a student at a comment government run school he’s done very well. The man had opinions and wasn’t afraid to share them with the rest of the world even if it meant his imprisonment or demise. Unlike other “affluent” sons of the aristocracy who know very well that even if they where to be discovered would be very difficult to prosecute because of their connections. Other’s who blatantly display (emergency escape funds) so to speak.

    On the other hand Karim who is a son of nobody just another Egyptian like millions more wasn’t affraid to post his complete contact info. Kareem appeased no one neither muslim nor copt, he spoke his mind. He is a legend because he dared to say what no other has while actually revealing his identity and while actually residing in his home country. He had many chances to step down, to plead guilty or insane. He still stood by what he believed in.

    SM, first you claimed that Karim did what he did as a ploy for gaining assylum, eventhough we all know very well there are much easier ways.
    Now you degrade him, in essence hinting that he doesn’t deserve the very meaningless and unenviable celebrity status he gained.

    Shame on you…..

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