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9 thoughts on “The anti-secularist campaign in Egypt starts

  1. This guy is forgetting that there is more than one religion in this country! I love it how he feels Islam is being attacked but doesn’t mind attacking other religions………geez will this ever stop??!!

  2. This is, quite literally, what you find in the quran. You are required to do this according to the “word of allah”. Why does everybody keep denying this simple, easily looked up fact ?


    As is murdering to make that happen :


    So why do you keep saying that muslim “fundamentalists” or “islamists” are the problem. Anyone who believes the quran is the word of allah is part of the problem. Can you seriously claim to be a muslim if you don’t follow the quran or deny it’s authenticity.

    Obviously both statements are supported by numerous hadith.

  3. Off topic, I like this snippet from T’s first link:

    “…and Allah is full of Knowledge and Wisdom.”

    As a god, Allah would be omnipotent (in most peoples view) and as such, would not be “full of knowledge and wisdom” but rather all-knowing.

    Strange how all religions attribute human nature to their god(s)… 🙂

  4. T


    take this


    and this


    and this


    and this


    and there is more

    and even for the “translation” of the verses you quoted there is a historic context which should not be ignored….unless you of course don’t know rat ass about the historic context of the verses and all you got is an english translation of the Quran and a bunch of anti-Islam websites in your bookmarks

  5. 7. Nasser:

    Sorry, but your quotes just shows that this by-definition-infallible god can’t make up his mind… part of the reason why I’m atheist! Muslims are free to choose which ‘road’ to choose; the violent or the peacefull. Some take the violent; most take the peacefull, but since the violent approach is endorsed by the Quran, they can’t put up an arguement…

  6. While not being Arabic or pan-Arabic, there is a good role model just north of the Levant on the subject of secularism. You get to join the Euro money club and the Pope comes to visit.
    Due to Middle Eastern Islamic paranoia of Western media, are satellites legitimate targets for terrorist attack?

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