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14 thoughts on “Speaking of cheating

  1. @ #2
    GTFO, people like you arent worth the keyboard they’re typing on.

    On topic:

    Not a surprise really, i knew since day 1 that the votes will be tampered with just like the elections.
    What really is sad, are those people who are cheating and voting 40 times(like the one in the video you posted), why are they doing this? for the money? they probably got paid pennies anyway, is a few pounds worth destroying and betraying your country..

  2. Off topic, but isn’t anybody going to say anything about the fact Iran committed an act of war against Great Britain last week? I keep seeing these “No war on Iran” protests all over the globe…. how come nobody is pointing out that it is Iran committing acts of war on everyone else? They’ve been doing it for decades. The US and Iran have unofficially been at war since 1979. What is this “no war on Iran” shit, anyway? Why aren’t the protesters in Tehran saying “No war on Britain! No war on the US! No war on Israel!” – or is that too fucking sensible?

    Blame the victim. Great. Fucking leftists.

  3. Rave – I’m worth significantly more than the keybodard I’m typing on, thank you very much, although it is a very nice laptop.

    And have you slipped and fallen on your head and forgotten about those two western journalists that were abducted by a bunch of moozies around Gaza and forced to convert to Islam? The exact incident escapes me but it didn’t happen that long ago.

    So my question remains. I guess we’ll find out if she’s ever released. I hope the U.K. sticks it to them!

  4. Ok so when a Christian or a Jew commits a crime “in the name of his/her religion” i should curse and disrespect all the people who follow that religion?

    Nice moronic logic you got yourself there.

  5. Rave,

    Ok so when a Christian or a Jew commits a crime “in the name of his/her religion” i should curse and disrespect all the people who follow that religion?

    Sure, why not? I’d expect you too. Especially if Christians and Jews were silent on the matter.

    I found the shot of that British hostage wearing an Islamic headscarf quite shocking and offensive, myself. More offensive than the statements she was forced to make. Can you imagine if we forced Muslim prisoners to convert to Christianity? Forced female Muslim prisoners to remove headcoverings? Wear a large crucifix on their chest while they admitted to committing crimes they did not commit? On television? Maybe we should force them to read from the Bible too?

    Fucking wonderful. Yeah, we Christians do that shit all the time, man.

    Hey that’s how we can win the war on terror. Give Muslims the same choice Ferdinand and Isabel gave the citizens of Spain at the end of the Reconquista in 1492. Convert to Christianity, or die.

    They converted. Spain is still Catholic. 500 years later.

    Worked then. I bet it would work now, too. And it’s the same choice many Muslims would give us, if they had the opportunity.

  6. Look Rave – You gotta admit, a good percentage of moozies these days are nuts. And if given the choice would follow millenia-old traditions and use the sword to convert infidels to the Religion of Peace.

    Do you not know your own Arab history? How was the Religion of Peace able to conquer the vast regions they did in such short times? I mean we’re talking a mere century or two. From the middle of the 7th century through the end of the 8th century the Arab armies conquered HUGE swaths of land and gave the people the same exact options to those two journalists that were captured – convert, jizya or sword. How else do you think Islam spread? The peaceful spreading by word of mouth (a.k.a preaching)? Lol, nope.

    Don’t you know this?

  7. SM,

    This situation in Egypt is serious, and I hope somebody doesn’t have to get killed before the police learn how to handle a crowd. What you and your friends are doing scares me, because I know you are scaring both the police and the government. Because of that, you, the police, and the government, are playing into the hands of the MB faction. There has to be a better way to do it.

    If you want to have more freedom of speech and assembly in Egypt, the topic of conversation must change. Instead “anti-Mubarak” demonstrations, the topic should be “good ideas for Egypt,” and the signs and posters should make that point. Egypt’s young people are not the enemy of the government. They are its future, and if they want to help make a better life for all Egyptians, they should say so.

    I think a demonstration with signs that say something like — “Let’s talk. We have good ideas” or “Please allow us to exaggerate” or “Correct me if I’m wrong” or “Please be patient with us” or “God is too great to be bothered by satire” might go a long way to reassure the right people.

    Then you could follow up with discussions about the rules that ought to govern demonstrations for both the police and the participants. If you can get the local newspapers to publish editorials about what the police response ought to be to various behaviors on the part of demonstrators, you’ll know you have their attention. In particular, there needs to be a discussion about what the police should do about thugs trying to trigger a riot.

    Now I’ll get off my soapbox, and send this, with the sincere hope that I haven’t been too clumsy in the way I’ve tried to make my points. Good luck to you, and God bless you.

  8. In polls done in islamic countries, between 25-75 of the respondents are sociopaths. If you are willing to describe sociopaths as people who support the killing of random christians and jews in train stations, office buildings, pizza parlors etc.

    For you to excuse them, you are either one of them, one of the many, many suicidal guilty jews, or a foot licking coward.

  9. If you Kefiyah pro-democracy guys don’t get your act together fast and take personal responsibility for the direction Egypt is going, your country will fall into darkness. Don’t ask the Mubarak gang for anything. Just do it!

  10. it spread just like christianity… roman empire?, British empire?
    Somehow India is still hindu not christian, Iraqi and Pakistani are muslim. As for Romans, Cezar was a pagan not christian.

  11. Indeed military occupation played an important role in the spread of Islam in the whole Arab world, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Eastern Europe and north of India. However, the spread of Islam in sub-Saharan Africa, southern India, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Indonesia has very little to do with the use of force.

    “Hey that’s how we can win the war on terror. Give Muslims the same choice Ferdinand and Isabel gave the citizens of Spain at the end of the Reconquista in 1492. Convert to Christianity, or die.”

    I think the majority of the populace in the West will object to the use of their blood and treasure to further a religion they no longer care about. I know that it has been the rule of centuries to shed blood and waste treasure under the pretext of advancing Christianity, but somehow the people in the West have grown to be fond of earthly gratification and nothing else. Any look at the number of church goers and their ages will tell you that subjugating 1.3 billion humans and forcing them to convert or die will have little support by the active population, i.e.,the people who will have to sweat and bleed for this.

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