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10 thoughts on “Senator Bill Clinton?

  1. Hmm… a double team clinton administration… man that would suck, hillary would be lording the presidency over poor bill every two minutes and probs hire a cute cabana boy for a secertary just for kicks

  2. “As a senator, he’d be a knockout,” Harold Ickes says…

    These people have such an idealized, romantic vision of the Clintons. It’s even reflected in their choice of words. You can almost hear the heavy breathing too.

  3. Oh please how I wish the Clintoons would just dissappear. Oh well just shows you how stoopid the general public is to still idealize a rapist and his accomplice.

  4. It doesn’t matter. If Clinton wins the Dem nomination, it will lock it up for Rudy.


    And the line about how Spitzer will have to appoint a black or Hispanic is about as vile as it comes.

  5. Some pundit once floated the idea of Bill Clinton running for mayor of NYC. I’d love that. He’d win easily too, I think. I don’t think he’d have time to hold any kind of office now with his Global Initiative work though. That seems to keep him pretty busy.

  6. “These people have such an idealized, romantic vision of the Clintons.”


    ^^Oh, the Irony! ROFL!
    “Oh please how I wish the Clintoons would just dissappear.”

    I wish the Bushes would disappear.

  7. Wiggles,

    I think Bill would make a pretty good mayor. I’d vote for him. I’d keep him away from my wife and daughters, tho’.

    “I wish the Bushes would disappear. ”

    I think a great compromise, in which both the Bushes and the Clintons disappear, would win wide approval.

  8. IF and I repeat IF Billary won the democratic nomination wed be assured of a Republican in the White House come Jan 08; therefore the whole who takes her place argument becomes a moot point.

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