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10 thoughts on “Pelosi meets Assad

  1. Yea, we have terrorist apologists on both sides of the aisle, but mostly on the Dem’s side. Wouldn’t trust a Democrat as far as I could throw Cheops’ pyramid.

  2. Kurt, when you have a duo, working in cahoots, Syria and Iran, that number one on their list of things to do is kill all the Jews and then number two on the list is to come after the rest of us that won’t convert what can we ‘chat’ about? Only half the Jews will have to be killed and only the Presbyterians and Lutherans (sorry Lutherans and Presbyterians, us Catholics elected you) will have to be killed.

  3. Good post Sandmonkey…. the United States must speak with one voice on foreign policy and that voice emanates from the president. “A house divided cannot stand”

  4. I don’t think she’s entirely a quisling: yes, she went to hariri’s grave, visited israel, said the right things about ham and hez.

    But she’s appallingly naive. This is a major propaganda coup for the basher, and he’s been using it for all it’s worth.

    God help us if these guys get the presidency in ’08!

  5. Dick are you joking ! I am an independent so do not subscribe to either party anymore. Was a Democrat but have lost faith. They could win me back.

    This is exactly what are leadership should have been doing long ago. Meeting with the key leaders in the Middle East, regardless of what accusations those leaders have hanging over their heads. Because Clinton ignored all of the same cat calls when he chose to invite Yasser Arrafat to Camp David and ignore the history of accusation calling Yasser a terrorist ( one who was much closer to the front line of the PLO, then Assad his party ), there was almost peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

    I cannot for the life of me understand how anyone can believe that simply ignoring leaders, no matter what you think of them is constructive. What if Nixon had never met with the Chinese or the Russians ? ( both of which were consider our staunches enemies ). With the release of formerly secret White House transcripts, while ignorant Americans were screaming ” why are you visiting the enemy Nixon ? “, Nixon was doing exactly what a President should be doing. PLAYING THE GAME !

    The most intelligent thing one can do is make the enemy feel important and respected. Assad is just a training exercise for a meeting that should take place sooner than later, with AJ.

    It is well known that Middle Easterners are extremely proud and conscious of
    saving face. Playing the stupid kid in the playground with his fingers in his ears, singing ” I can’t hear you ” when you trying to tell him something, get’s nothing accomplished and this is what the Bush administration have done since the beginning. Ms. Rice has the easiest job in the world, it is not work when the only people you talk to are your friggin friends.

    Know your enemy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Find out what they want. Yes the enemy is not going to simply spill their guts, but if you treat them with respect and pretend to be their friend, then things slip out, desires, wants. Most Arab leaders in history have played both sides, they pretend to be hard line against the West to shut the fundamentalist up, but behind closed door they make deals with the ” enemy “, financial deals. Even groups like Hamas, especially now, would, I put any money on it, be willing to sit down and talk.

    There is no doubt that the buffons in the lower echelons of these groups are maniacal Jew and western infidel haters, but many of their leaders are a great deal more intelligent. They must chant ” death to Israel and the West ” in order to maintain the support of the people who brought them to power, but inside I am pretty certain that, acknowledgment by the US, is something they crave.

    This Axis of Evil childishness has gotten the US nowhere, so maybe it time for different tactic. Meeting with government leaders in the Middle East, is not a sign of appeasement. In business nothing is more valuable then knowing your competition.

    It always makes me laugh out loud, when I hear Republicans lament the end of the world if a Democrat makes it into the White House in 08. As if their party has done such wonders. Let’s be clear here, if the Republicans were doing such a wonderful job, then no one on the right wing would be worried about losing power to the Dem’s.

  6. FYI: I received an e-mail today from Media Matters, with the following:
    Dear Friend,
    For much of the past week, CNN and its White House correspondent Suzanne Malveaux have offered a steady stream of inaccurate and incomplete coverage of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) trip to the Middle East and her April 3 meeting with Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad. Please join us in demanding that CNN and Malveaux stop misinforming viewers about Pelosi’s trip and present all the facts.
    Since April 2, Malveaux has wrongly and repeatedly claimed that Pelosi had no “standing” and was not acting in an “official capacity,” has attacked the trip as “political theater” and a “political stunt,” and has parroted the Bush administration’s attacks on Pelosi for going to Syria while ignoring the fact that a Republican-led delegation met with Assad on April 1. Most recently, Malveaux asked whether Pelosi’s trip was a “big wet kiss to President Al-Assad.”

    Other CNN personalities have joined in as well. Lou Dobbs devoted an entire segment to “Pelosi’s bad trip,” while the April 3 edition of Anderson Cooper 360 featured a segment on Pelosi’s trip titled “Talking to Terrorists.”

    After several days of inaccurate, one-sided coverage, it’s time to tell CNN enough is enough. It’s time to take action.


    Jamison Foser
    Managing Director
    Media Matters for America

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