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13 thoughts on “Paretz, Defense Minister

  1. he was made fun of in the israeli blogs as well for this. apparently, the “explanation” is that he was using night vision binoculars, with a special filter that allows their use in daylight. even if that’s the case, someone should have told him that a picture would be snapped, and he’d look foolish.

  2. You’d think that a man who was once a quartermaster would know how the equipment he handed out works…

  3. I’m suspicious of these pictures – do we know for sure that he didn’t just hold it up to his face for half a second, realize the lens cap is on, and put it back down?

  4. No he didn’t hold it for a second, I saw it on Jimmy Kimmel.
    Like Jimmy said: “G.Bush is definitely thinking about hiring him after seeing this” .. lol

  5. @Toyvo:
    The song is technically incredible – 3 languages, 2 dialects of Hebrew, 4 musical styles including an instrument switch – but I still prefer some of their songs that didn’t make it.

    The story is apparently that Peretz alternated between listening and raising the capped binoculars to his eyes. Let’s face it: he was engaged in a photo op that went wrong. He wasn’t looking at anything. Politicians do this kind of thing all the time. Next time you see a picture of a politician pointing at a map or inspecting a medical device, ask yourself if he is really pointing at anything and/or really cares about the medical device. Answer: no.

    The difference in this case was that Peretz made himself a laughing stock. He isn’t the first – but in his case it definitely highlights what 95% of Israel already knows: he shouldn’t be defense minister.

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