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10 thoughts on “Outed

  1. Its funny, I red the other forum topics and it is very intresting to see what the regular Lebaneses think on us, the israelis….
    it is very diffrent than the Lebaneses blogers…

  2. Contrary to popular belief I still maintain that bloggers are still elitist. People like to tout that with a blog everybody’s voice can be heard. But c’mon, even in Western societies with internet so easily accessible how many people actually have a blog? How many even post anything of value on the blog?

    I am sure the average Joe with other things on a plate is not on a blog posting about politics or world issues. So what you see on blogs is a small representation of a society. Whether it be good or bad.

  3. It was stupid to out him, though, wasn’t it?

    Particularly when we have fine fellows like Victorious Lebanon making comments like “His name must be found out and his lebanese identity and passport should be taken away from him”.

  4. It’s the “Orange room”. You people have to excuse some of the FPMers. They are Hezeballah’s allies nowadays, after all.

  5. Btw Sandmonkey, the LFPM “outed” the wrong blogger (and he’s been getting all sorts of nasty threats since). I’m not sure who this blogger really is. I usually read Haaretz but it’s stange that they used a quote from Charles Malik to attribute to the visiting blogger–I noticed this happened a lot this summer during the war. Using blogger quotes all over the place and not identifying the “right owner”. Oh well…

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