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24 thoughts on “No ACM noms for the Dixie Chicks

  1. Well when the only people playing your music is MTV , VH1 and not a single country music station you just can’t expect an album that topped the charts at 36 to win a ACM.

  2. Country music fans would boycott the ACM if it nominated the Dixie Chicks for anything other than an insult. They continue to boycott Dixie Chicks concerts. And, if a country music station should be so bold as to play their music, the fans will call the station and threaten to boycott the station’s advertisers. This is purely individual action. There is no organization involved.

    This is an example of democracy at work, brought to you by the most obstreperous group of people on the face of this earth.

  3. Being a producer and lover of electronica, I am as far as one can be from being a country music fan. As a musician, I do appreciate talent and the Dixie Chicks have it in abundance. Of course, I knew of them before, but having been a rock solid neysayer on this war in Iraq from the very beginning, I felt a sudden kinship when the infamous words were said and felt very sorry for them when I found out what they were and have gone through.

    I was so intrigued by their story that I had to rent their DVD ” Shut up and Sing ” which basically takes the viewer into their lives in the aftermath. It was very moving. The response from so many rednecks in this country was ridiculously disproportionate to what was said and it made them look like those imbeciles who protested the Mohammed cartoons by burning down buildings while foaming at the mouth. It was disgusting ! DEATH THREATS ???????????? What is even more ridiculous is that the President is not a GOD !

    All of those village idiots continue to boycott even when so so many in this country have finally seen the light as it pertains to the competence of GW Bush.

    If the approval rating for the war in Iraq is at the level it is, then does this mean that many of these complete idiots that have burned crosses in the front lawns of the Dixie Chicks, now realize what a fuck up the war in Iraq has been ?

    Why has the reaction to the Walter Reid hospital disgrace not been equal in force ? Why are none of these DC haters not screaming bloody murder that our sons and daughters , who have returned from battle are being treated so digustingly poorly ?

    Nathalie Maines was right, Bush is an embarrasment, she just had the balls to publicy say it long before so many have come to their senses. All of the rednecks and country stations in the US, owe the Dixie Chicks an apology, because she was right and they were wrong.

    And let me correct Annamouse. The Dixie Chicks new album sat at number one on the Billboard charts for seven weeks. Proof that the DC’s don’t need and now could give a flying fuck if those rednecks ever buy one of their records again. http://www.billboard.com/bbcom/news/article_display.jsp?vnu_content_id=1002610727

    It would be nice to see these Americans not follow the same tactic as our President and actually admit when they are wrong.

  4. The extended quotes in #5 seem a reasonable reaction to all the fuss. A lot more proportionate than most of her detractors comments. I would have thought that the most reasonable thing to do for those who disagreed was to stop buying their records and move on. Far better for everyone’s blood pressure. Not having to play to the mainstream country audience any more will probably help them develop, much in the same way that Emmylou Harris did with Wrecking Ball and Johnny Cash did with his collaborations with Rick Rubin. If Johnny had lived and was still making records, I think he would have been in some very interesting places musically that wouldn’t have appealed one bit to the mainstream country market.

  5. #9 I don’t get the point you are trying to make. If Cash had gone on tour announcing that he would only be singing songs from his last three albums, he would probably have still filled stadiums, but maybe with a different audience than the one that would turn out in Nashville (or would the purists have boycotted that tour?)

    As for what I’ve learned, one thing is not to pass my subjective opinions off as facts, then to check my posts to try to avoid embarrassing typos and finally not to use a ‘big’ word like “disparaging” if I don’t know how to spell it. Tomorrow’s lesson in English 101 is the proper use of capital letters and apostrophes.

  6. Natalie Maines has done nothing wrong except believe that all Americans are open minded and that free speech is actually free….

    first off… i’ll let you all in on something… and i know this for a fact because i happen to be in the music industry… the reason that country radio does not play the Dixie Chicks music is not because of the calls from listeners threatening to boycott their stations it is because of a corporate ban that was put on the Chicks after Natalie’s statement.

    Independant stations ( and i mean truly independant stations. not just stations who say they are independent but really belong to a big corporation and have to listen to what that corporation says) who say they were called by lots of people saying they would boycott their station if they ever played the Dixie Chicks again were not lying… however they were deceived. an organised republican group were sending emails and letters and making phone calls to radio stations saying that they lived in the town where the radio station is broadcast and that they were going to boycott the station if they played the chicks… however these people did not live in that town and this was a diliberate attempt to sabbatage the career of the Dixie Chicks.

    if it was true that sooo many people from these towns were furious with the chicks and were boycotting and all of this then why when the chicks played their first show in one of these towns was there only TEN yes let me repeat TEN protestors????? does anyone else find this odd???

    corporate bans are WRONG people! smashing art with bulldozers and tractors thats WRONG! death threats are WRONG WRONG WRONG! there is a line that should not be crossed and diliberate sabbotage and defamtation of art and death threats crosses the line of free speech and becomes criminal…

    so anyone who says that these people are using their freedom of speech just like Natalie did.. you are WRONG!

    secondly Natalie’s statement that someone pasted above was not intended to offend the country FANS… the country music INDUSTRY perhaps but not the fans.. the fans have nothing to do with the way the industry is run and they are as big a victim in this situation as the Chicks are… she said she was done with the industry and didnt want to be a part of what the expectation of a country artist should be but no one can show me once piece of evidence to say that Natalie has said that she is abandoning the fans.. she has accepted that fans have left the band and she wont loose sleep over that but never has she said that the band were purposely tryig to loose the old fans… coz anyone who stuck by them through the contraversey is a true fan and they respect that….

    The ACM’s are not what is important to the Chicks… their families, their friendship with each other and the music they love to make whether it be country or not is whats important, not awards!

    one day you will all see that Natalie Maines is not the wicked witch you have made her out to be. she is human with feelings and she simply expressed her opinion and was punished for doing so!

    Lets get back to the music and forget the politics.. its time to accept the chicks for who they are and appreciate the talent they bring to the music industry after all they are the biggest live act of all time!

  7. #5 there is a great difference between billboard and county music charts. Billboard counts what was sent to the record stores, country counts what was sold, big difference. They are so yesterday and if it wasn’t for Europe and Canada they would have no career left.

  8. Thanks Dave!

    The Dixie Chicks are still a country act and if it werent for some ignorant fools and some corporate jackasses they would have radio airplay on country stations. it is great to see that even tho the chicks get almost no radio airplay they are still receiving awards even in the country genre…

    “Not Ready To Make Nice” is up for two CMT Music Awards: video of the year & group video.

    After the Grammys, radio station KVMR in Nevada City spontaneously decided to do the unthinkable in its morning program: play “Not Ready To Make Nice” — over and over — for 45 minutes straight. For some people, this would constitute a form of torture banned by the Geneva conventions. But by making the point that it is not beholden to corporate restrictions, the station far exceeded its fundraising goals for the day. Big ups to KVMR for becoming the fifth radio station to play the Record of the Year! CONGRATS TO KVMR!!!

    Taking The Long Way isn’t the only DCX album receiving kudos this year. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame came up with a list of the “Definitive 200” albums of the rock era. Wide Open Spaces, Home, and Fly all show up on the list.

    The nominations for the Academy of Country Music awards are out and the Dixie Chicks seem to be the big news. Strangely, they received zero nominations. Something tells me that the Chicks have a better chance of receiving a Soul Train award than an ACM award. Nonetheless they are still the talk of country music… if country really was done with the chicks they wouldn’t keep talking about them!

    Now that “The Neighbor” (which is the Chicks latest song… written especially for the documentary “Shut Up and Sing”) is available for download on iTunes, it’s miraculously popped up at #74 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. And with no video or radio airplay!

    so to annamouse… man you are just plain wrong! “The Neighbor” is not a single and it has gotten ZERO airplay and still it popped up on the chart so clearly Billboard does not count the records sent to stores it counts what is SOLD even on itunes!

    Tomorrow, the Chicks are in good company as one of many being honored at the Texas Film Hall of Fame! Martie and Emily will be there to accept their award.

    clearly the country music industry has not forgotten the Dixie Chicks becuase they need them.. whether they want to admit it or not the Chicks opened new dorrs for country music and without them those doors have slammed in country musics face!

    and as for your Europe and Canada comment… clearly you know nothing, the Chicks play a very limited amount of shows in Europe.. they play in England thats it! and yes they have a huge following in Canada and Australia but the United States still holds their biggest fan base!

  9. Sorry but most of their last tour dates in the USA were cancelled. Somehow I feel like we’ve been attacked on this blog by spoke’s people for the ditzysluts? WAYYYYY too much spin and little truth. We’ll see what happens next year.

  10. Why is it free speech when one side exercises it but when people who ARE NOT ORGANIZED do it is is wrong? You read wayyy too much propaganda kids!

  11. Billboard top 20 money makers of 2006; based on album sales, digital sales and concert ticket sales…

    1. The Rolling Stones ($234.1 million)

    2. Madonna ($175.1 million)

    3. Bon Jovi ($103.2 million)

    4. Tim McGraw ($102.6 million)

    5. U2 ($94.5 million)

    6. Rascal Flatts ($87.1 million)

    7. Faith Hill ($83.1 million)

    8. Kenny Chesney ($75.9 million)

    9. Celine Dion ($70 million)

    10. Cirque Du Soleil’s ‘Delirium’ ($69.9 million)

    11. Barbra Streisand ($67.2 million)

    12. Nickelback ($60.1 million)

    13. Billy Joel ($58.8 million)

    14. Aerosmith ($54 million)

    15. Elton John ($49.4 million)

    16. Dave Matthews Band ($48.4 million)

    17. Johnny Cash ($48 million)

    18. Dixie Chicks ($46.9 million)

    19. Red Hot Chili Peppers ($46 million)

    20. Andrea Bocelli ($42.1 million)

    I wish I was as much of a failure as those Chick!!!

  12. “Somehow I feel like we’ve been attacked on this blog by spoke’s people for the ditzysluts?” – Spokes people for the Ditzysluts??? What kind of spokes people do you think you are being attacked by?

    I agree Fortunate Failure how embarrassing it must be to be those Dixie Chicks earning all that money and winning all those awards… I’d hate to be them!

    annamouse, i’d like to see you find one thing in what i have said that is false! nothing i have stated has been anything other than fact!

    As for next year we’ll see… the Dixie Chicks may not be in the public eye next year for all you know… my guess is they’ll have a break for most of, if not all of this year they may work a littel bit on a new album this year..
    and then perhaps start their next album in 2008 so we probably won’t see and album from them until early to mid 2009… possibly a summer tour of the States and maybe Canada in 2009. i doubt they will do another world tour so soon especially with their little ones.

    these are just theories… but i guess we will see what happens! all i can say is good luck to the Dixie Chicks… i’m sure they won’t need it!

    Good luck and Godspeed!

  13. “Somehow I feel like we’ve been attacked on this blog by spoke’s people for the ditzysluts?” – hhhmm interesting thought, perhaps i am a spokes person.

    I agree Fortunate Failure, it must be embarrassing being those Dixie Chicks… making all that money and winning all those awards… yeh i’d hate to be them!

    annamouse, first of all most of the concerts were NOT cancelled in the U.S. it’s no secret that concert sales are not what they used to be for the Dixie Chicks. Natalie Maines has stated : “I’m not embarrassed by sluggish tickets, I don’t feel a need to put a spin on that.”

    the Taking the Long Way Tour was Re-routed to accomodate for a HUGE demand in Canada and Australia and sluggish sales in the south of the U.S. some small shows in the south were simply taken off and replaced with another bigger show in a place where people from both town could go… so all they did was change a few shows from the beginning of the tour to the end and joined some concerts in the areas to better fit the tour schedule… Not one show was actually CANCELLED and nothing was as a direct result of poor ticket sales.

    as for next year… for all you know the Dixie Chicks may not be in the spotlight next year… my guess is they will take most of this year off to be with family and maybe start their next album late in the year or early 2008. finish it by say…. somtime in 2009 if they work hard, depending on all sorts of things like schedules creative process and studio time the album possibly wont be ready til early 2010 then i’d say a summer tour of the U.S and maybe Canada …. MAYBE another world tour… would depend on the reaction from the world on the album i guess.

    so basically you probably wont see the Dixie Chicks in the spotlight in as big a way as they are now until 2009 maybe 2010! this is just a theory. i guess we’ll have to wait and see

    all i can say is Goodluck Dixie Chicks, not that they need it!

    Goodluck and Godspeed!

  14. what a bunch of whners the chicks and their fans are. get them some tissue and pray to god that sometime in the next decade they will all seek the therapy they so desperately need to get to hell over themselves.

  15. When I spend the money on a ticket to see an entertainer, I expect to be entertained. Not bombarded with personal political opinions. If I want to hear about politics I’ll stay home and watch the news. I couldn’t care less what the Dixie Chicks and other Hollywood elites think. Nor do I have to support their sponsors. They have the right to their free speech, and I have the right to reject their opinions..Isn’t democracy great???

  16. Yep, they’re doing well here. @@

    It’s easy for a liberal supporter of their political views to make a few clicks on amazon.com to buy a CD as a form of their own protest.

    However, the proof of the pudding is with the concerts. Why were so many of them cancelled? Because it’s one thing to buy a CD in support, but quite another to waste time and money going to a concert that you really don’t want to see.

    Btw, the Chicks irritated me with their comments on foreign soil, but since I’m not a CW fan, that’s as far as it went for me. However, I did see their subsequent comments about ‘rednecks’ and knew that they had cooked their own goose with that. They said that they didn’t need that audience anymore. I guess that the audience that made them famous in the beginning felt the same way about them.

  17. Is it just me or does “jazz” have some serious issues?

    Jazz..if you have to lie to prop up your failing arguments regarding concert attendence (and God knows what else)…do you really consider that a win for your side?

    jazz Says:
    March 11th, 2007 at 9:24 am
    Not one show was actually CANCELLED and nothing was as a direct result of poor ticket sales.”

    14 concerts were canceled in the US including Houston Texas their once home state.

    One was even in the southern town of Fargo North Dakota. (sarcasm)

  18. Just happened upon this thread late. My $.02:

    The Dixie Chicks have every right to voice their opinions.

    Their erstwhile fans have every right to boycott their music and encourage others (by legal means) to do the same.

    Corporations have a right to free speech, just like individuals.

    Political parties have a right to free speech also.

    Death threats and intimidation are wrong, no matter who’s doing it.

    Finally, performers have to have some sensibility that there is a bit of a power imbalance between a performer and his or her paying audience. If someone on the street expresses an opinion I disagree with, I can walk away having lost nothing. If an actor on TV mouths off in a way I find offensive, I can just change the channel at no cost to myself. Not so at a concert. The Dixie Chicks should have added in a disclaimer when they sold the tickets that it would be a concert and exposition of their political opinions. Had they done so, I can’t see a whole lot of cause for consternation.

    True, politics used to stop at the water’s edge, but I think both parties have given up on this tradition. Democrats, should they return to power at some point, will surely reap what they have sown, as have the Republicans.

  19. BrooklynJon, the Dixie Chicks could not possibly have added a disclaimer since Natalie had no idea she was going to say anything political.

    why can’t people understand that these women were scared and feeling vulnerable and were trying to defend the United States from the people in England by making them realize that not all Americans are on board with the war… a war that now not many people support!

    People should just get over it and leave these poor women alone because by constantly attacking them, sending hateful letters trashing cd’s, getting on the radio and saying hatefull things publicly not only hurst them but it hurts their families… especially those little babies. they’re just mothers and wives who happen to be famous musicians. Those poor kids don’t need to go to school or out in public and hear these horrible things said about their mothers… especially when non of you actually KNOW any of them and are simply making assumptions all because Natalie made one comment. and off the cuff remark that EVERYONE is making these days! as for the fans who feel betrayed since then… get over urselves… if you were a fan that stuck by them clearly they wern’t talking about you, they were feeling victimised and hurt and betrayed and they hit back at those people and of course you would say that you dont need those kinds of fans… who wants fans that are gonna turn on you when you say an off the cuff remark that shouldnt mean anything!

    Natalie has actually said she isnt angry at the PEOPLE and would forgive even those who terrorised her and her family… because they are the real victims, they have been lied to and they believed the lies thats why she doesnt blame them.. they thought in their hearts that their blind patriotism was right!

    lets get back to the music which is truly awesome! if you don’t like their music dont listen. that isnt a problem! if you do… then great keep listening!

  20. I just read this. I would like to say that because they cancelled a show in Knoxville, TN to reroute their tour to other countries, I went to one in Atlanta, GA. The concert was packed…their album sold millions. The people who paid for these things weren’t anti-war or anti-bush people just paying to show their political views…these people were fans of their MUSIC. Less that 3 minutes (combined) was used to speak of politics, their old comment, the war, or the president in the concert. The used the time to entertain and play music. I would say that a vast majority of country music fans would not be angry if the DCX were played…a lot would probably even really like it. Unfortunately, the people who call in would not be calling to say, thanks for playing it, or I don’t mind that you played it. It would be a very small minority of people who are complaining about something that they probably really don’t even know why they are angry about. They just know that they are supposed to be angry…just because someone disagrees with the president or a war does NOT mean that they are against the soldiers or America. They ARE patriotic…they believe in what america really stands for: freedom.

  21. You guys are all making a mountain over a molehill about this. The more you complain or make assumptions about the group your making more news for the group. Some people should take a good hard look at yourself. You bitch and moan about something that happened over four years ago. When do you say enough is enough. Here are the facts now. THe DC don’t want to be refered as country artist’s there new albulm is for the general public. The presidents ratings are not very good and the war is not liked both here and overseas. Also Natalie never said she did not support the troops all she said was that she was ashamed that the president was from Texas. Basically if you like the music listen if you don’t then don’t buy the music.

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