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5 thoughts on “Keith Richards snorted his father

  1. Everyone will hate me for saying this, but I think it’s kinda cool. Intranasal ingestion of narco-yummies is fun (though I dislike blow) and it’s certainly a way to honor the old man.

    I wonder if it’s dangerous to your health, though.

  2. When this moron dies, he’s not gonna be cremated, but processed by some chemical waste treatment plant, which will turn him to a sack of artificial fertilizer.

  3. As Robin Williams put it, you can’t kill Keith Richards he’s done that much shit over the years. If there was a nuclear armageddon there would be nothing left but the cockroaches….. And Keith Richards.

  4. This is the strangest treatment of cremains I have seen yet… and I’m in mortuary school so that’s really saying something.

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