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8 thoughts on “Jewish organizations sponsor anti-IDF tours

  1. Self-hating idiots — what’s new in the world? Luckily they are, and will remain, a minority. As to the “Palestinians” in the group — well, I’d rather not get myself started…

  2. Hmmmmm. It says that they served in uniform before complaining. Have you? Those are the ONLY complaints that I listen to. The rest of you are full of shit.

  3. Like if all of them had been soldiers,… yea right.
    There are many of them who had not been soldiers. And there are ALWAYS people who complain. It is good to complain. But not when you know that you attract all the freaks of antisemitists to a demonstraton, than you should simply find another way to protest. Period.

  4. The majority of participants in Breaking the Silence are soldiers currently in the IDF reserves who have served in the Occupied Territories within the last two years.

    And they do not, contrary to the falsehood stated in this story, receive a drop of funding from Arab or Muslim organizations.

  5. I appreciate those soldiers, and I believe to their story too…but I hate the cynical exploitation that the left do with their stories, they use them and present them as the vice of “IDF”, when they are the minority…they use their stories for purpose that those soldiers oppose.

    and I would like to see some hezbolla or hamas fighters talk like this…I’m proud that those people are from my army, I’m proud that they can talk like this and they are not some robots which complete orders…even if I’m not agree with them…

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