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4 thoughts on “I can't wait till January 22nd

  1. I don’t remember being this excited about a TV show. Maybe first season of Lost but I soon realized that Lost alwasy raised more questions than it answers. Heroes seems to be trying to answer some of them as it goes along.

    I know where I will be on 1/22.

  2. gf: “Jordan, why are watching this show?”
    jordan: “Because the great SM won’t shut up about it so it must be good”
    gf: “well, how is it?”

    jordan: “hmm… maybe it is better in Arabic”


    It’s an intriguing show. But I don’t seem to be getting the same type of sexual release as everyone else. Maybe I am watching it wrong.

  3. I’m just glad that the popularity of Lost has brought out so many more shows that rely on forethought to create a more intricate storyline than just a bunch of fifty writers making up each episode as they go along.
    My Tivo will be set.

  4. You are so right SM… But February will also bring Lost back to the TV, with approx. longest hour I ever waited (Sawyer and Kate were given an hour to escape back in 3.06 in november 🙂
    Don’t know which I miss more…

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