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12 thoughts on “How true is that?

  1. Darlin’ all I have to say is that evil can triumph in this world, if good people stand back and do nothing. But, it doesn’t have to.

  2. So here’s the train of thought that that cartoon started for me:

    It does seem that society often bows down to evil. But by it’s nature, evil is destructive of life, productivity, creativity, health, honesty, rationality – all the values that make life possible. So when evil people “win” they lose, along with everyone else. They create a situation where all the good people die, run away, or keep their abilities to themselves, and where the people that come forward to surround the evil people are mindless lackeys and other unscrupulous villains who are waiting to stab their competitors in the back… literally.

    The society is bled dry by the unreasoning policies of such leadership, and will be weak in comparison with a society that has a rational rule of law and respect for individual rights.

    But when the good cowers down in fear of evil, evil can overrun it. Good people have to have the intellectual ammunition – the facts and the philosophical understanding – that give them the confidence to stand up for and defend the good. And when it comes down to an actual physical battle, they need to have the actual physical weapons, skills, and financial staying power to fight.

    Luckily, societies that are *based on good principles* (which does not eliminate the possibility of destructive errors or poor leadership or evil members of society, or the legal chipping away at those principles) – good principles such as inalienable individual rights (including property rights), rational rule of law, honest dealing, the banning of the initiation of force, the value of reason over superstition and dogmatic belief – create a legal system that allows the productive, creative, and rational to flourish, which means that society will be among the wealthier nations of the world, and thus better equipped to battle down the evil.

    But evil has a way of propagandizing and twisting the truth to make the good appear bad and to gain sympathy for the evil. Grasping what’s really going on requires sufficient knowledge and effort and sufficient philosophical understanding to be able to cut through the evil crap and expose it for what it is.

    In the propaganda war, the good people need to know what they’re doing. If they don’t fight it well, and evil gets the upper hand, then the good can be psychologically undermined and convinced to stand aside.

    It’s often not a simple task to sort the truth from the lies and errors. I believe that when people of a basically good society are armed with a solid understanding of the truth and the confidence that gives them, that they can beat the evil every time.

    But good people do not always have a good enough intellectual understanding of good and evil, and can be made to be ashamed of themselves, their country, and its failings to a degree that makes them shy of asserting their imperfect selves and to fight against those poor evil bastards underdogs who are just trying to prove their manhood in a bewildering modern world.

    Good people have to know they’re doing the right thing, or they won’t do it. But when they’re convinced they’re right, and on the whole their society backs them up, nothing can stop them from winning.

    But when it comes to good people asserting themselves in the midst of a backward society, overridden with irrationality, bad laws and a corrupt or non-existant rule of law, it’s a different story. There, the honest people of goodwill and courage may be too swamped by the evil around them to be able to accomplish anything but suicide when they try to fight back. There has to be enough rational cultural/intellectual support inside the country, and diplomatic and possibly armed support from the outside world, to allow any truly healthy revolution to happen.

    And now I have to get back to household chores.

  3. A case where evil triumphs and good is quashed?

    Nancy Pelosi being speaker of the house with the cut and run Democrats in the majority in the house fits that scenario to a “T”.

    Only time will tell if this evil phropecy will tack root!


  4. Was Cain evil because he killed Abel, or was Abel evil because he pissed Cain off enough to kill him? No human is perfect. We’ve just perfected the speed at which we can share info, nuke masses and microwave our popcorn. We’ve become an international group of voyers peeking into the monitor saying “Wow. Look at that!” Wish we could invent a nano-second forgiveness taser weapon that doesn’t really kill anyone, but you fire it at a wrongdoer who becomes instantly remorseful and cured of wrongdoing and the person “in the right” is backfired with an instant sense of forgiveness.

    We could make this gadget somewhat pleasurable so folks who were feeling a wee bit unforgiving or wrongful could enjoy a quick rejolt of instant forgiveness and moral justification. ….OK. NO. I don’t drink or do drugs…! LOL

  5. Naomi, people are not evil because they commit evil acts. They commit evil acts because they are evil. We’re talking serious and incurable mental disorders here. Good triumphs over evil by destroying it. Not by forgiving it. And vice versa.

    Look at Saddam. Look how much support dead Saddam has from Arabs now. If he was (at some point while he was alive) genuinely remorseful, and genuinely changed his ways, and his victims genuinely forgave him, would that change a god damned thing? Would that change what is in the heart of all the people who think Saddam was a hero, and that all his butchery and brutality was for a good cause? What kind of human being would claim somebody who murdered upwards of a million people was a hero, naomi? Wouldn’t people who glamorize a mass murdering dictator, just find another butcher to glamorize once Saddam went weak in the knees on them? Do you really think there is an easy solution to that degree of blind hatred for the other?

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