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28 thoughts on “How the mighty have fallen

  1. The kidnapping is a media event, like the cartoons crisis. Iran wants Britain to make a big fuss about it.

    The Iranian regime is desperate for a bombing attack which will put other countries in the wrong. Meantime they will continue to apply pressure in Iraq, Lebanon and elsewhere, keeping on poking and prodding until somebody loses his temper.

  2. “When half the world values human life and the other half doesn’t, it is a bad mix a brewing I fear.”

    Which half is more likely to change?

    My bet is on former.

  3. Unless this is some kind of ruse by the Brits (a planted kidnapping opportunity), Britain as a first world power just ended.

  4. Nothing wrong with honor and pride, Amgad, if your honor is in fact something to be proud about. If these lads and the lady were in Iraqi waters when they were snatched, their capture is an act of war initiated by the Iranian government. I do NOT want to see a war with Iran, but I do think this calls for something more than a strongly worded apology from the British government for daring to get close to Iranian waters.

  5. I don’t get it. Has the sandmonkey been brainwashed by neocons or something? There are other methods besides force that can be used in this situation.

  6. I get the feeling that iran likes to taunt the western governments at every opportunity. And, unless their provocations are checked, they’re just going to keep getting worse and worse.

    So I’m really disappointed in blair on this one. Now would be as good a time as any to say, in terms the iranians understand, “stop it”. Like: “you have 48 hours to release our troops, after which we will consider your actions a declaration of war, to which we will respond at a time and in a manner of our own choosing”.

  7. the problem is the whole global politics slided into very low standards, so Iran & USA are trying to score points from fabricating one tiny crisis after another, and the stakes are going lower & lower every day…..

    remember 2001, when iran was collaborating with the west to eliminate Taliban & Al-Qaeda, these days in Nov.2001 when Blair were in Tehran for co-ordination, the game was big that time, but since the tobbling of Saddam & iran are trying to secure the Status Quo & bargaining on spoils!

  8. Well, the little senile lion learned that the world is a) no longer his colony and b) No longer stupid, as they assume (wish) it to be!

    Next time, they won’t set a trap for Iran, and they learn not to bully!

  9. 13. neoresistance:

    I’m afraid that a) no (western) country is looking to colonize the world and b) the world is not as stupid as you think… it’s much, much more stupid!

    You’re right, though… next time no one will set a trap for Iran – next time, someone is probably just going to bomb first and ask questions later… Sure, the ME is going to be twice as pissed with the west, but it’s going to have a quarter of it’s usual teeth to bite with, so it all adds up!

    I agree totally with 10. dick… Give them 48 hours to release the hostages with no other conditions than an investigation into the coordinates at which they were apprehended, or let them consider themselves officially at war with Britain/NATO…

  10. Tony Blair is already portrayed as Bush’s pet poodle in the British press. Do you think he wants a picture of himself dressed up as Hitler hanging beside the same picture of Bush in the BBC offices?

  11. “When half the world values human life and the other half doesn’t, it is a bad mix a brewing I fear”

    It really isn’t half the world Suz. If you add up everyone involved in what I am going to call the “long semi-hot war (it’s war but not total war) ended with few years of a brutal and decisive explosion of pain and death(the total war part)” it only includes about half the planet. The other half is split in 1/4’s with some having a never ending conversation about healthcare and the other 1/4 pouring gasoline in tires that hang from other peoples necks and lighting it on fire (have a goodyear:) )

    This war is pretty much the opposite of good sex. It started with an explosion instead of ending with one, it’s not going to be fun and it will get worse as it goes along. When that ride is over it won’t be cuddling up or buying a house and slowing down because the dance partner is going to catch on fire and die.

    So far the AQ plan seems to be:

    1. Attack civilians
    2. Slaughter muslim civilians who are not loyal to your cause
    3. Mutilate POW’s, that’s probably just an arab/muslim thing not AQ
    4. Defend your “Honor”
    5. Embrace suicide
    6. Conquer the world

    It seems so familiar. Hmmmm.

  12. What is the right response? So, Britian is weak because they don’t pull a trigger?

    Military action will be grave for the Iranian people. They are the ones who suffer. Are Americans feeling anything because of the war in Iraq? Can we even call it a war, there is such a small affect on the home front?

    Why can’t Iran and Iraqi give the West there god given resource, oil, nicely? Just let our ships come up and take it. We wouldn’t have the need for all this war.

    I don’t want to use corn for fuel, corn is for sissies.



  15. THE BRITS CAN HANDLE A LITTLE HUMILIATION (the Turks sure did it to them at Gallipoli)
    Hostage taking is a millennia-old Middle East strategy that persists because it’s effective in disabling an enemy. The hostages will probably be well-treated (the Muslim hospitality thing), but the coming week is critical, because an immobilizing standoff quickly becomes a status quo, difficult to change, politically, diplomatically, and militarily. Historically, such hostages were held for years, and released after hostilities, with a ransom. This happened in Tehran in 1979, when Muslim fundamentalists overthrew the government, and sponsored ‘students’ to take dozens of US hostages. Jimmy Carter reacted slowly, became immobilized, lost the next election because of it, and Reagan, assuming power, quickly combined posturing, a no revenge policy, and a secret ransom to get them released in 1981. I was struck by the low morale in a US visit in 1980, they were chastened by Vietnam, and defeated by Iran. It took years and a new president to recover. The UK must not brook delays, the opportunity in this crisis is to confront it quickly, steadfastly, with planned, escalating steps. Keep calling for all allies to publicly condemn, pressure for more UN security council action and call NATO meeting. Make it clear to all, especially EU and NATO members, that this is where friends distinguish themselves, and where non-friends also stand out. Begin talking about UK referendum on EU membership. Prepare and send UK aircraft carrier group to Gulf, call for all corporations trading within UK to cease all Iranian contracts, including Shell, Daimler-Benz, and the dozens more that stunningly, continue their Iranian businesses, or face sanctions/fines. Establish no-fly zone over parts of Iran, offer air support for Iranian rebel groups. Next, drop 12 GPS bombs in exactly the same spot, 100 feet from Assad’s (Syria) bedroom, insisting that he abdicate within 24 hours. Then, give warning, and bomb (as McCain suggested) Iran’s only gasoline refinery. All these things to be initiated within next two months, they will all have to be done soon anyway. Finally, use GPS bombs on Iran’s leaders homes; psychopaths do fear for themselves. No ransom, ever.

  16. It’s not worth the time to go over the conspiracy ‘points’, the ‘lap dog’ stuff and the ‘hitler’ stuff. But Anwar, you’re a pathetic wing nut. We’re giving serious thought to putting up a wall on our southern border in an effort to keep those like you out of evil America where millions have tripped over themselves to enter illegally so they can get a job because all the money we give Mexico for their oil isn’t getting to their poor just like oil rich Arab countries like Iran don’t spend their money on their people because the Iranian nut job government would rather use the oil money to build a nuclear bomb to number one kill all the Jews and number two kill the rest of the world that doesn’t want to hit the prayer rug five times a day. The reason the US doesn’t vaporize Tehran is because we believe that the Iranian people want a little Westernization/Americanism to mix with their Persian history.

  17. I can’t help but get the feeling that Iranians captured those brits by mistake and are desperately trying to appear to the world as if they know waht they are doing. Didn’t they first mess up their coordinates and think that iraqi waters were theirs and then capture those guys? Either the Iranians are more incompetent of making good strategic calls or they are incompetent of using computers…

  18. Nomad, it isn’t the first and it won’t be the last time the Iranian nutjobs take hostages, it’s part of their foreign policy.

  19. John C, yes, some others are still their detainees, but for thes UK guys, they must have had some promises in the balance, something alike a US discussion

  20. “The television of the mode of mollahs reported Tuesday that Jalal Sharafi, the second embassy secretary of the Islamic republic in Iraq, removed in February in Baghdad, had been released. Sharafi had been removed on February 4 in Baghdad by approximately 30 men armed vêtus of uniforms of the Iraqi army on board of more than 10 military vehicles. Mollahs had shown the American forces in Iraq. The United States had contradicted any implication. It has been just released by its unknown kidnappers, the very same day where the British hostages were graciés in Teheran.”

    “According to IRAN-RESIST, the business was a pretext to meet British diplomats within a bilateral framework and we had predicted a strong Russian reaction. This forecast was carried out the 3 with the Russian decision to warn mollahs and to threaten a new pause in work of the Power station of Bouchehr. We had then forecast that the Russians were undoubtedly going to put more pressure at mollahs so that the latter take care not to meet the British emissary and we predict a deflating express train of mollahs. It is Ahmadinejad which slackened the hostages in all haste bus meanwhile its exclusive allies of Russia had even implied that this country would refuse to deliver nuclear fuel to Iran until the litigations are regulated and the drawn aside difficulties, without specifying the exact nature of these difficulties (source Itar-Tass and Interfax). Russia will remain on this position because mollahs has under the elbow two other businesses of hostages likely to require bilateral meetings with France or the United States.”

  21. sorry i just got a bit mad cuz this post is retarded. hes calling on military action on iran because they arrested people who trespassed? wtf? and as for joe cullingham what is this kill all the jews shit what are u talking about. that is so stupid its not even funny. whos killing who? stop listening to the threats and look at the stats. the most iran has ever done to “jews” is hate. thats about it. didnt i see ahmadinejad shaking hands with some jews the other day? stop watching cnn. lol they want to kill all the jews and make everyone pray wtf u talking about? their religious ppl not al qaeda, they want ppl to realize tehy have a god tahts all.

  22. “the business especially made it possible mollahs to create a vast diversion which hides their refusal to accept the recommendations of the Security Council: from now on one speaks only about this business which does not exist any more. But the diversion serves also all the States which have interests in Iran, it enables them to mask the persistent refusal of Teheran in the nuclear iron arm. This is why nobody releases so good paliatif and of any share one réalimente the business in polemic as multiple as secondary and ridiculous. This continuous business to proliferate in the media and its success exceeds waitings of the partisans of the diversion. Initially there was the release; meetings in costumes offered by mollahs and of the bags of gift (celebrates it Iranian nougat, other delicacies, manufactured goods as well as a vase which has its importance). Then, there were the declarations of the hostages who affirmed that detention was painful especially the two last weeks: what is extremely funny because the hostages remained in Iran only 13 days! And to each new word called by “the hostages”, the mode of mollahs reacts and the media diffuse the words and the reactions then the reactions to the reactions. More than one nuclear bomb and an atomic reaction chains some, mollahs seem to control the media chain reaction. The hostages add some from now on them also, taken in the swirl of the interviews which they grant with the help of finances. According to certain media, the ex-hostages could gain, together, in the 250.000 books (493.500 dollars). Faye Turney, the woman hostage, as for it, gained the first prize by selling right now the account of its captivity with 150.000 books (300.000 dollars). This race with let us biftons thus encourages thecaptive ones to be inventive, and they add tous.les.jours a new layer. Each one has its small word for corser the business and its own account in the hope to roast the courtesy with his/her small comrades: one affirms that that one had bound the hands to them and had bandaged the eyes before isolating them by threatening them seven years of prison, another known as which they went to avoid a major diplomatic incident… And why not the 3e world war? Perhaps not, because the business precedes above all: it would be a question of putting on sale about E-bay the 15 vases offered by Ahmadinejad to thecaptive ones! [ 1 ] Great Britain itself belongs to the batch of the which charmed countries of this media beating of diversion: the British ministry of Defense granted an exemption from the ex-hostages so that they can sell their testimonys with the media! The ministry for Defense estimated that this authorization was “the most pragmatic solution”! It is clear that this solution makes it possible to continue médiatiser a business which completely masks the other crisis with Iran, the true one and single crisis which generates all the others. Great Britain which has very important commercial interests in Iran thus encourages this mediatization. For William La Hague, spokesman of the Preserving Party for the Foreign Affairs, this decision creates a debatable precedent and the opposition hopes well to on raise the problem with the House of Commons to the reopening of the session April 16. La Hague added that the armed forces were likely to lose the respect of the public if their members were authorized to sell the account of their misfortunes. Menzies Campbell, which directs the democratic liberal Party, also in the opposition, judged that the decision of the ministry fell very badly, because during the week of their release, six British soldiers had been killed in Iraq. But the political adversaries of Tony Blair, To observe it who deferred the business and the British made indignant by this cynical trade mislead, Great Britain has higher interests in Iran which are fully satisfied by the on-mediatization of this crisis of diversion.”

    “Iran Resist”

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