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6 thoughts on “Hitchens on Hillary

  1. Kerry: I voted for the war before I voted against the war

    Hillary: I voted for the war but then changed my mind as soon as I read the polls that indicated that I should be against the war. Now It depends on who I’m talking to as to if I’m for the war or against the war. How do you feel about the war? Oh, me too!

    Hell, at least I can understand Kerry’s waffling!!

  2. I loved the Saturday Night Live sketch where Hillary said that she supported the war because that is what she thought the voters wanted, but now she knows better and they had better not vote for Obama because he actually believed things and he might go to Iraq and decide it is a cause worth fighting for whereas she would never support a war the voters don’t want. More or less.

    Is it sexism to say how much I hate the cow? Probably. Does she have a single principle she would not sell out in a second?

  3. “Does she have a single principle she would not sell out in a second?”

    Ah…first she would have to buy some, then hopefully sell them at a profit.

    Papa Ray

  4. Why, yes, Hillary has a principle she will never sell out: that the “goodness” of the world is directly proportional to how much power she has.

  5. Besides the interesting fact that the liberals are finally starting to see that Clinton was not a diety, I found the advertising on the page to be of note. There were FOUR ads for Venezualen Citgo on this page! Hugo Chavez is buying a LOT of advertising in Slate because his oil profits are taking a hit in America. He knows that sucking up to the Liberals who tend to read Slate is a good way for his profit margins to stay up. His interesting Americanizing of his communist produced oil is the best part of the pages :))

    Good stuff. Thanks for the link.

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