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38 thoughts on “Hezbollah chic

  1. Now here is someone I would like to liberate!

    Not me, buddy… I don’t care what she looks like, if she’s wearing a Hezbollah shirt (and wasn’t just paid to put it on) she’s some type of crazy.

  2. Don’t you love it when liberals don’t realize they are committing suicide? Kinda reminds me of the group “Gays for Palestinian Solidarity”.

  3. I don’t believe it, no way. No way.

    That picture makes absolutely ZERO sense…

    Hezb’allah would stone her ass in about two seconds.

  4. Snow Monkey, I think the reference to “Black Republicans” is unfair… at least for the last while. I have to give credit to Republicans for shedding some nasty baggage.

    As for Gay Republicans, you are right! But amazingly, 30% of polled gays voted Republican. As Andrew Sullivan put it “yes I want the right to get married, but even more so, I don’t want to be blown up by terrorists”.

    Gotta love Sullivan!

  5. she is HOT… (:

    (but she’s kinda brunette “blonde”…. if she is wearing this shirt… 🙂 )

    anyway, I want to make peace with her, not with nasrala…

  6. Snow Monkey,

    An interesting comment, which I think is totally wrong, but a good topic for conversation. I think what you said is a good example of the recent decline of the Democratic Party. That is, assuming that one’s identity determines one’s politics and assuming that certain groups will inevitably vote for them no matter what. A black entrepreneur who wants lower taxes, or a black professional who wants relief from voracious tort lawyers, or a black anyone who is concerned with the rise of terrorism, is far more likely to vote Republican than Democrat. True the Dems whooped the Repubs this past election, but that was clearly a reaction to Bush’s unpopularity and the Iraqi mess. In the future, when Iraq is a burden shared by both parties and Bush isn’t running, look for the Dems to wallow in failed identity politics.

    As far as Gays are concerned, one need only look to Pim Fortuyn as an example. Of all people, gays have perhaps the most to lose if the west loses the “War on Terror”.

  7. Obvious fake by the way. Would be a weird place to put the logo (squeezed in in the top right hand corner?) and the Hezbollocks would not put it on a singlet in the first place. The girl looks Brazilian, she’s wearing Brazil soccer team colours, with the logo photoshopped on it.

  8. Well I’ll be buttered, she does look Brazilian, and it does look like a photoshop job. Not just the logo, but also the yellow bits of the swimsuit – the color shading doesn’t match where the shadows should be, especially in the green-bordered triangle underneath the arm.

  9. Thereisn’t nothing wrong with the light or shadow :


  10. These gals need to know that yellow on olive skin doesn’t work. It just doesn’t.

    Hezbollah should have really had Karl Lagerfeld design their shit for them.

  11. It’s hard for radical religious groups to get decently designed costumes. I mean after you lock your women up in the kitchen, bare-foot and pregnant, or wrapped in carpeting when you let them outside and finish killing/chasing out of town those men foolish enough to fall in lust/love with other men, there’s not many fashion-concious people left.

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  13. Lighten the fuck up! it’s a god damn pic and people are posting that it’s a fake, well it’s pretty obvious isn’t it, but you don’t seem to understand the point of the pic in the first place, if you don’t get it, you should be shot 🙂

    “I see dumb people”

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