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16 thoughts on “Happy Easter, everyone

  1. I got a stalker for Easter. 🙁 Now I have to file a police report and get a restraining order and everything. What kind of crazy demands you pay him back for the one date you had (4 months ago) that you decided wasn’t going to be a keeper? I paid him back for the date because he promised to stop calling, texting, emailing – leave me alone. He drove 400 miles to hand me back the money($15) this Sunday at ny church. Yes, that nuts. BS! He could have mailed it to my church and I would have gotten it. What a liar! Now I’m scared. He is only on a vistor’s visa, so back to Iran with him once INS finds out he’s been here 8 months and he already has a restraining order against him. 🙂

  2. He drove 400 miles to hand me back the money($15) this Sunday at ny church.

    In stalker language I believe that means he can now start calling, texting, emailing – and not leaving you alone again.

  3. Yes Tedders, except I didn’t take the money from him. I refused to see him or speak to him. He handed the money to someone else and they gave it to me later. Nothing to do now, but get the police involved I’m afraid. I meant my church, not ny church. Sorry.

  4. Hopefully it is only about $15, but I doubt it since he gave the $ back. Scary stuff Melissa. Hopefully, they deport him soon.

  5. Coloured eggs and bunnies are to Easter what Santa Claus is to Christmas! They spoil a religious celebration. I pray you don’t import them cultures to my country!

    Hope you had a nice Easter.

  6. Black Kush,

    Fool! Don’t you realize the bunnies are a Zionist conspiracy? And those chocolates shaped like Santa? It’s a Mossad mind-control plot!

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