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9 thoughts on “Found in my apartment

  1. I vote for Nasrallah as the ‘muslim cleric one would most like to have a beer with’ (non-alcoholic beer I guess 🙂 ). He seems like a reasonably nice guy, really. At least when, you know, he’s not doing his Hitler impersonation, yelling and gesturing.

  2. Che’s picture on t-shirts has been one of the best sellers of all times in capitalistic societies.

    Nasrallah on coasters probably won’t do nearly as well, but it is no less ironic.

  3. Nasrallah will go to hell of course.

    The Quran clearly states that G-d told the Jews to dwell in the land and not turn back and that there would not be a third exile. The Quran also says that Jews and Christian are not infidels.

    Few people, certainly no infidels, have opposed G-d’s words so vehemently as Nasrallah.

  4. karen just put a black hat or fur hat on him but no chasidic rabbi has a armed group of fellowers (not to give the satmer any ideas)

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