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10 thoughts on “Female suicide bombers's motivation

  1. You Don’t Stop amazing me by your resources SM, how long surf the net?
    There is 2 possibilities at least……
    -either to not be re-united again with their husbands in heavin !
    -or to be reburthed as men !

    what do you think?

  2. […] Today I ran across the exact answer while surfing the web (Hat Tip: Rantings of a Sandmonkey). Slate.com explains it well: A female suicide bomber detonated a vest filled with explosives at a university in Baghdad Sunday, killing more than 40 people. If male martyrs can expect to find 72 virgin maidens in paradise when they die, what rewards can female suicide bombers expect? […]

  3. “very man will have six dozen huris in heaven, but very few commentators enumerated the rewards for women. Ninth-century scholar Al-Tabarani did argue that women will be reunited with their husbands in the next world, and those who had multiple husbands can pick the best one to be their eternal spouse. (Other commentators added that a woman who never married can marry any man she wants in paradise.)”

    Sounds like a raw deal to me. Men get to frolic with seventy-two virgins, women only get to pick one husband. SM, what about the transsexuals?

  4. Okay, so let’s see.

    Suppose Hala and Mahmoud and Reza and Khalida all end up in heaven.

    Hala was married to Mahmoud and Reza during her life. Reza was married to Hala and Stephanie, who wasn’t a Muslim. Mahmoud was married to Hala and Khalida. Khalida became a lesbian. If they all end up in heaven, who gets whom?

    Hala wants Mahmoud, but Mahmoud wants Stephanie, who is an infidel so she isn’t in heaven. Poor Mahmoud. If he can’t have Stephanie he’ll settle for 72 virgins (presumably PMS doesn’t exist in heaven; 72-fold PMS sounds more like hell), but he thinks heaven is awfully unfair to give him second-best. .

    Reza wants Hala but Hala thinks he’s a dork. Khalida wants Hala, but Hala would rather die. Again. Failing that, Khalida also thinks 72 virgins would be great.

    Sounds like a soap opera?

    Well what do you THINK would happen in heaven under such rules?

  5. The picture which is on the site is heart breaking. Not because this was shot just before she killed 40 people plus herself, but because of also seeing that she must have different feelings right at that particular moment:
    – fear
    – devotion
    – confidence
    – strength

    You must be brainwashed in other to carry out such a deed.

    It’s saddening.

  6. Being a female, I have actually worried about the 72 virgin thing. Girls, can you imagine having to deal with 72 virgin men? Actually, it wouldn’t take you that long, what, about one minute per male virgin? Me, I’d go for just 4 virgins; one to clean the house, one to do the yard work, and two to go off to work so I could live in a “two income” household…

  7. Though I cannot give a definitive source for this, I only heard it on a radio interview, The utterly warped logic seems convincing…

    As women who chose to to make themselves suicide bombers in the service of Islam, are inferior to men their reward will be very great indeed… They will become men in paradise and then service the 72 virgins. Neat.
    Boy am I glad I am atheistic !!!

  8. A few questions to the faithfull,
    Why do they get virgins? when their body no longer exist’s it should be not an issue as you cannot enjoy sex?

    Where do these virgins come from? and is it a punishment for them in the afterlife to recieve an unwashed chared fanatic that will probably be unhappy no matter what he gets?

    Women get little mention in the quoran regarding reward so maybe they make up the virgins with repaired hymens?

    Why do people leave their brains at the door when they walk into a place of worship? simply being told all sorts of increadible ideas they must believe? without question haha all religions do this!

    So many religions kill people that are in fact belonging to their own religion, religion should be made illegal as it usually encourages fanatics!

    Ireland, England, Mid east, Are we better off for religion?
    My Idea is we should believe more in provable facts than the rantings of uneducated ancient phsycotics.

    The average high school student today knows more about the world than any ancient sooth sayers so why believe their dumbass Ideas!

  9. I’m with Barb. The last thing I’d want in my bed is 72 inept boys/men, (to say nothing of dealing with the inevitable crisis that would arise over all those dirty socks strewn about the celestial household. Give me 2 well-seasoned men with brains and a sense of honour, men who know what’s what (or at a minimum will ask for directions), some help around the house and stables and let nutella etc. be calorie free.

    So, since the Koran doesn’t seem to give the ladies a break with the household chores, limiting their bedmates to one is probably the more heavenly option than the 72 virgins.

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