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11 thoughts on “Earth's Crust is missing

  1. “It’s not problematic for the earth because it is a natural earth process — but in terms of knowing how the earth works and how the world is put together it is important.”

    i dont understand that part. how would you know if its dangerous if this defies how ut hink the earth works!

  2. Kind of odd, because the mantle, molten from the preasure of the crust, ought to be spilling forth as lava – an underwater volcano. As soon as the sea cool and hardens this lava it becomes crust, thus closing the ‘open wound’… It happens all the time, but should not be a permanent state.

  3. Fidel Castro actually ordered a cadre of communist deep sea divers there to steal that big chunk of missing crust. They will secret it away to the Carribean and attach it to Cuba, so that before he dies, Castro will be credited with spreading Cuba’s glorious revolution to new lands.

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