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24 thoughts on “Diane Sawyer is a moron

    1. No, you are a moron because you worship the likes of Dianne Sawyer, a meidia whore if there ever was one. What does a ditzy bleach blonde simi-literate “beauty queen” know about world affairs. The only affair that DS knows about is the one she has with Barack Obama.

      1. I agree but do not buy your Obama affair comment- However, I think Diane Sawyer is possibly the most annoying woman on television. I hate her plastic demeanor, the way she cocks her head and squints her eye and looks at people with scorn in an interview. She is nothing but a Kentucky broad who made it big and somehow, SOMEHOW (and God know HOW) made her way into the anchor chair. She can relate to absolutely NO ONE. She is a rich bitch who lives in large in Manhattan, married a rich man, Mike Nichols, and hobnobs in the Hamptons when she is not tossing her fake, dyed goldilocks around on TV. I despise her. She has completely ruined ABC World News and has dumbed the show down with her continuous claque of inexperienced but pretty correspondents….and that includes her pretty male ones, too. She only cares about how a person looks on camera and has dumbed the evening show down and reduced it to a pile of mindless poop and news for morons, of which she is one. Can you tell I hate her? Oh, good! My intention! I hate you, Diane Sawyer, you suck! And your fuck-head president Ben Sherwood is the lowest—you move in putrid circles, Lady Di.

  1. What do you expect from a former beauty queen (Miss something or other in her early 20s as I remember)? She is America new ‘Barbara Walters’ who you”ll remember made a career of cosying up to such figures as Menachim begin a former terrorist, Anwar al Sadat the sympathetic tyrant, Henry Kissinger the American Machavelli, just to name a few. The camera loves her and she is the reigning queen of American media, so….This ‘fluff’ for the masses, for real news you and I know where to go, and that is not the big American networks.

  2. Wow, those are the exact same things old people around here say when they want to talk about the good ol’ Nazi days… Safety on the streets, everybody had jobs, and so forth… Frightning.

  3. She uses as an example of how the Syrians know “everything” about us a magazine cover with Paris Hilton on it?!?!

    I’d hate us too if I thought she was representative of US women and society.

    Of course she didn’t ask how safe the streets were in Syria or Lebanon for an outspoken critic of Assad. What a pathetic pandering bimbo.

  4. There was in a time in America, that if you messed with a father’s daughter or a brother’s sister, you could seriously get your ass kicked, but those days are gone – nobody gives a sh*t.

  5. She is no Fallaci, that is for sure. Sawyer is the epitome of softball journalism and I have no idea why they would send her out to interview a political leader (any political leader) about serious issues.

    So, Assad, what’s on your iPod?”

  6. the worst was yet to come,,, i am sure you have seen her interview with the nut job from Iran, of course she had her hair covered…

  7. I guess no mention of honour killings that never happen in this Utopian paradise not to mention anything about women’s rights under a baathist regime.

  8. I think Diane Sawyer is a retard. I saw her interview Haing Ngor, and she was a complete bitch. I think we should all ask Congress to deport her, becuase her leaving would make America a better country. If anyone has her email, please give it to me so I could express to her, how much of a bitch I think she is.

  9. I also agree that dianne sawyer is a big fat bitch. Sometimes you start to think these people are smart just because they report a lot of issues, but forget that it’s being fed to them. She’s actually so stupid.

    I agree, deport this moron to Iran and see how she likes it there.

  10. yeah, i cant stand that bitch either. not becuase of this but other things…. she should keep her nonwanted opinions to herself

  11. She is so unprofessional. If journalism is about objectivity, then she sure can’t do her job. She is not clever and is prejudice. If her opinions are factual and good then it wouldn’t be as bad. She puts on a fake act from time to time that can be seen through so easily.

  12. I cannot stand Diane Sawyer. She has absolutely no talent and her voice fluctuations are so f-ing annoying that I turn her off in the mornings. I love Chris and Robin but that old has-been has got to go. I cannot for the life of me understand why they want to put her on World News Tonight in retiring Charlie Gibson’s place (who sucked also by the way).

    Can we not get some good people on GMA and to do the news. How about Chris from GMA. Why do they have to be ancient??? DS has seen better days. Her voice is the most annoying POS in the industry and she does not seem sincere. She seems desparate, out of touch to the max and just a has been. Get rid of Diane Sawyer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please. I cannot stand her.

  13. This morning she was on there harping against breakfast cereals with sooo much sugar.

    What the ?? National news concerning itself with a parent’s decision to buy (albeit at the pleading of the ad-hammered child) a “sugary” cereal in place of some other?

    Oh, yeah, I forgot, all parents are dumb as a box of rocks…can’t decide what their kids should eat.

    Not to mention the fact that the sugariest of the sugary are health foods compared to the Sugar Crisp, Sugar Corn Pops, Frosted Flakes, etc. we had in the sixties…and we had no widespread obesity problem.

    Go figure, Diane. You’re SO much smarter than we are.

  14. i can’t stand that phony Dianne Sawyer either. i recall once watching her fake smile trying to pretend she was on the side of the person she was interviewing only to intrap them. she’s no journalist.

    1. Although I do not like Dianne Sawyer either, the entrapment you describe is exactly what journalists do.

  15. I thought I was the only one who hated Diane Sawyer. In addition to being boring and annoying, she is a self-righteous phony who pretends to care about her guests so they’ll open up to her and she can use what they tell her against them. She’ll interview a person, then talk badly about them with the next guest. I can’t believe they put on on the World News as a replacement for Charlie Gibson. I stopped watching because I can’t stand the sight of her. When will this out of touch old bag retire?

  16. When I worked for a company with a hot new product, they begged my company to showcase it on her show. We didn’t need anymore exposure but I squeezed in time to be at their studio way early in the morning and she comes in and doesn’t even look at me but asks how to operate the product. Someone tells me to stay nearby behind their couch right out of camera view so that I can help if she needs it. So I am in this awfully uncomfortable position crouched behind the couch and then several seconds before airing, the surly cameraman yells at me that I’m in the shot! Afterwards, no words like thanks for coming or anything. For all their popularity, their whole production was very rude and unprofessional.

  17. She is an NWO biatch. $17,000,000 a year to read 15 minutes of Cue Cards for big corporations and big government (pretty much the same thing now).

  18. I wish ABC would lose this woman. Everytime I see her mug she appears so patronizing and condescending. I know she wants to sell used cars someday. I hate how she reads the teleprompter and her smarmyness makes me throw up in my mouth. Sure I know I can change the channel, and most times I do. I wish I knew why ABC seems to think she is worth keeping on.

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