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12 thoughts on “Chavez says something stupid

  1. I think one should care about what this clown says. His stupidity and paranoia has and will in the future have a profound impact on many innocent peoples’ lives. Most morons don’t have the privilege to be able to destroy other peoples’ lives at random. Chavez does.

    Displaying that kind of paranoia already, I guess it’ll only be a few years before he starts killing the many Venezuelan “CIA-agents” that we all know plot to assasinate him.

    This is just sad.

  2. Let’s say I don’t remember how many times he has said “the american government wants to kill me” without showing a proof, or at least something similar to a prove. Man, he has such a complex about how everybody wants to kill him. so prima donna, so stupid.

  3. @Jack: I’m glad that you gave us all a chance to share your deep thoughts on these matters with such an insightful comment. It has really contributed a lot to this debate.

    (Irony off)

    I think your comment told at least as much about you as it did about me. I presented my views and got what in return?

    Somehow a clown that is also a leftwing dictator who seems determined to follow closely in the footsteps of several notorious mass-murderers throughout history just doesn’t make me laugh. I originally responded to SM’s post because I got the impression that he implicitly advocated we should just stop listening what Chavez has got to say and forget about the moron. I think that is a horrible advice, the long run results of which we know only too well.

    If you disagree, please use arguments instead of insults. They work a lot better.

  4. don’t u think that there could be something to it? I mean, why should he make all that stuff up? We all know how arrogant and silly the US is so why don’t we question them for dat?

  5. US @#4
    I believe Jack @#2 was agreeing with Sandmonkey. It was my impression that he was dissing Hugo Chavez, not you. 🙂

  6. While his goofy ears and strangely pursed lips, make him look like some sort of hybrid fish-monkey, Chavez is a politician and knows how to lay the groundwork for political manuevars. His demand for the extradition of a person, may be set up to prompt a negative answer from the US. Then maybe he will use that as a reason to avoid extradition of criminals in Venezuela to US or perhaps one of the US’s allies. Maybe he is cooking something up with FARC against Colombia? Who knows? But just because Chavez is an economic nincompoop doesn’t mean is not a shrewd politician.

  7. He’s another nutcase. Folks in the US (and elsewhere) would do well to pay attention to what he says and does, sigh.

  8. Renee,”Folks in the US (and elsewhere) would do well to pay attention to what he says and does, sigh.”


    BJ – I’d giggle, but I’ve come close to doing the same sort of thing meself.

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