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10 thoughts on “Build a wall

  1. Actually I think that is a cautionary tale about marriage therapy. Have you ever met a dumber therapist? Oh, I think they are ready to move on, honey. Really I do.

  2. not a bad idea sometimes, but I had like the kitchen remain commun, so that I get some good cooking, washing up the dishes doesn’t bother me ! 😛

  3. Obviously these two don’t want to sever their connection, but want to continue tormenting each other. It take two crazy people to maintain such an unhealthy relationship.

  4. They deserve each other.
    I just feel sorry for the poor kids. Especially in a close-knit community like that, where everyone knows who your parents are, and people strongly consider your background when deciding if you’re a worthy marriage partner.

  5. Not a bad idea. In the USA, some report recently said that most women who have divorced or widowed never marry again…intentionally. Unlike other parts of the world we are raised with very romantic notions of marriage, notions that are dispelled in after one starts living with a man.

    Marriage is made for men, not for women. I love men, love em, love em…just dont want to live with them. My perfect relationship now, is a nice man to hang out with, share the good and bad times and one who takes himself and his dirty draws home after some loving.


  6. Too funny, just like a move I once saw, war of the roses, I think it was called. Isn’t one of those “idiots” without a kitchen. Bizzare, only in the US!…ciao

  7. “Marriage is made for men”

    What? Then why don’t men WANT to get married? Purely generalizing because there are, surprisingly, some men that DO. But they are, by far, the minority.

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