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24 thoughts on “Blog to America

  1. I am so posting something… the thing is, i don’t hate America so this is gonna be awesome. I wonder how many hate letters I’ll get

  2. I’m going to start a blog to Blog to America. People can send in submissions and I will tell them why I hate their country.

  3. blah, blah, blah – I couldn’t get through the first couple..

    What a bunch of whiney bitches – all upset/jealous that America is the world’s lone superpower and blaming all of their own country’s problems on the U.S. Tired arguement. Tough luck, deal with it.

    Hopefully my “American” arrogance is showing through ๐Ÿ™‚


    OK OK I am calm now. Kind of…

    I just started reading some of the entries to the blog to America and I am already amazed. I think maybe there are becoming two worlds. One is the cyber world of blogs and wikipedia where everyone thinks their uneducated and inexperienced opinion is fact because they can post it on a website. The other world is the one where I have been able to travel a little and found that Parisians are polite, friendly and eager to help American travelers, the British are eager to bend the rules to make things easier for someone who obviously needs help, Mexicans are the hardest workers that I have ever encountered and they show no signs of relaxing their struggle to earn enough Money to feed and educate their children. Italians are strong minded and will not be told what to do by another country, Canadians are arrogant with a superiority complex and Swedes can eat twice as much as any American and still stay skinny as a twig.

    Sending a letter to America is one thing but these letters are written to Americans. When people refer to Americans they are not only talking about 13th generation Brits, French and Africans but about 1st , 2nd and 3rd generation Germans, Italians, Mexicans, Pakistanis, Ethiopians, Vietnamese and Koreans. At least that is the demographics of the people I work with at a high tech company here in the US.
    So what is the demographics of the typical lunch group in Norway, Italy, Germany or Egypt?

  5. I don’t know if they’ll run my post but I said, “I’ll worry about the US when the wall being built on our southern border is to keep me in and not to keep them out”.

  6. While we’re on the subject of the wall. I noticed this when there were all those demonstrations by the illegals in our country. So many of them resembled our native Americans. They look like the descendents of the Aztecs and Mayans. I have no problem with our native Americans. Wonderful people that the early settlers ran over the coals. But, our government is doing a great deal to make amends. I find it funny that Mexico with all the money they get from their oil revenues can’t afford to take care of their own people. I’ve wondered if we’re witnessing an ethnic cleansing of a kind. The descendents of the Spainish-Europeans that run the country are doing everything they can to run off the original inhabitants rather than spread out some of that oil money.

  7. Jake, I can only go by what I’ve experienced with the Native population that I met in Western New York. I lived there for 23 years. I’m sure there’s more that can be done. But, since they turned over four square blocks of downtown Niagara Falls and the Senecas have turned it into a hugh casino, entertainment center that competes with the casinos on the Canadian side it’s quite a start. It’s a billion dollar business and they spread out the wealth to the descendents of the original inhabitants of western New York. It’s Seneca owned and operated. What I was alluding to is that we have our own Native American population to take care. We can’t afford what they estimate to be an additional 11 million illegals that have come up through the south. Mexico can afford to take care of their own. They’re running them off. Head north, the Americans will give you a casino. Yea, right. At least we’re doing something. It’s better than nothing.

  8. “Iโ€™m going to start a blog to Blog to America. People can send in submissions and I will tell them why I hate their country.”

    Excellent idea. (But it will actually makes sense which will diminish its appeal. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

  9. Or maybe I could leave hints and people would have to guess which country I am talking about. For example:

    You look like rats and smell like feet. You also lecture everyone about your high culture. It’s rather annoying because it isn’t terribly impressive. Seriously, WTF is this supposed to be:


  10. John Cunningham: “I have no problem with our native Americans. Wonderful people that the early settlers ran over the coals.”

    John, it was quite the other way around. The nomadic Indians were more often the aggressors with respect to the sedentary settlers. Indians often made bad neighbors: shooting arrows in your cattle out to pasture, running off with laundry drying on the line, stealing your horses at night and killing you if you go outside to investigate. The Indians were mobile, could pick their fights, and could disappear without getting caught.

    The typical Indian story in Texas was Indians attack an isolated cabin, killing a person or two or the whole family or take some as hostages, hit the trail, and the settler’s neighbors chase them for three days and lose their trail. The Indians liked to take women and children hostage, killing the men and infants. That drove people crazy. They also had other nasty habits like cutting steaks out of their human victims and eating them. In one case, a wife and kids watched their Commanche captors cook their husband/Dad over the campfire and eat him.

    Indian hunting parties killed settlers much like deer. Many of the settlers were clueless rubes from Europe who had little idea what an Indian was. They just stood in their wagons and let the Indians spear them. Surprisingly, many of the settlers had no guns. Those who had guns often had no bullets. Many settlers, holed up in their cabins under Indian attack, had to melt down their cooking utensils in the fireplace to make bullets in molds while the fight was in progress.

    After this happenned two or three summers with a hundred or so settlers dead the public outcry would grow so great that the government would send the cavalry on a punitive mission. The Indians could only be found in the winter when they made camp. Otherwise, they were constantly on the move. When the cavalry attacked those Indian camps, the Indians would kill their white captives. These big attacks on Indian camps made the history books while the mass of small Indian attacks do not.

    Simply put, the Indians gave more than they got. It wasn’t unusual for travellers in the Old West to pass a corpse on the road casually murdered by Indians.

  11. Tantor,

    You neglect to mention that much of the violence perpetrated by native Americans was actually directed towards other native Americans. For whatever reason, we were taught that they lived lives of peace and harmony, with minimal interference with nature. While that may have been true in isolated areas for brief periods of time, the bigger picture was one of environmental exploitation and intertribal violence, just with less efficient technology than the Europeans had.


  12. Tantor and BrooklynJon, yea, now that you mention it. Do you know where the expression ‘Indian Summer” came from? After the thaw of the first snow of the season you could guarantee that the Native Americans would attack. Well, they don’t do that anymore. They just run a kick ass casino in Niagara Falls, on the US side. Plus if you live close enough, and most everyone in Western New York does, to a reservation you can buy tax free gas and cigarettes. They got that consession locked up. For a year after I got back to Philadelphia in ’03 I continued to buy cigarettes through the mail, one-fifty a pack instead of five, three cartons a month and I was good to go for a month. Anxiety set in and I had to stop for fear of getting a visit from the tax man. Well, at least I don’t have to deal with those Buffalo winters anymore.

  13. Dear world:

    Those who don’t pay attention to American history and start wars with America often end up on fire.


  14. Tan—I had a great reply to your post, concerning the Native Americans. After which I went back and re-read you post. Then I deleted it. I believe you were referring treatment of Whites as they migrated west. Rather than the treatment they received in the East. Many of these tribes were desimated prior to the mass migration of whites to the west. A few Native Americans made elequent speeches about the treatment they received from Whites and the lands that were stolen from them etc etc. Maybe you should read some. they are quite enlightening.

  15. What is extremely annoying is all of these generalizations from so many who have never stepped foot in the others country and that any nation is made up of clones of the idiots in each respective government.

    To hate America and Americans because that buffon Bush is our leader is ignorant, just like ridiculing the French because of what happened in WWII or considering all French people snobs because one happens to be blown of by some asshole in Paris, who might have just had a bad day and was not interested in giving directions to the Arc de Triomphe.

    These attitudes are born of ignorance. Anyone who has travelled understands the difference between a country’s leadership and it’s populace. This assumption that anyone in the US can effect leadership change at the drop of a hat simply because the US calls itself the ultimate democracy has never lived here. It’s not that simple !

    Someone in the hate America blog that this post sends us to eluded to change does not occur in the US because of simple complacency. The US govt is no longer a govt for and by the people, it is a govt of special interest and corporations. One of non-binding resolutions and pandering. Politicians in this country make a mild stink when an issue is raised and after a week the issue fades.

    US democracy was in full effect when Americans voted the Democrats into power in Congress and look the results, nada. In the end they are all politicians, whose sole agenda is to further their own well being and stay in power. Part of their inability to act lies in the incredible conservative ” swift boat ” machine that waits in a dark alley until the Dem’s utter a single seemingly unpatriotic word, to go for the juggular and coin them as traitors who do not support the troops, when the opposite is true.

    This is not a democracy. It is one big ad campaign. Granted we could be far worse off and I love this country, but to assume that no one gives a shit about the disastor that is our govt, simply because we call ourselves a Democracy is……well ingorant.

    I want to slap anyone that assumes that America is made up of war mongering, chest pounding red necks, simply because our leaders fall into this category. The same could be said of anyone for example that assumes that all Iranians are out for American blood simply because AJ is an insane despot.

    These generalizations are the reason why the world is in the state it’s in today and why there is so much hate. One had hoped that the ability to peak into the world of other people’s through the web would have doused the fires, but it seems that no matter how much evidence is available to contradict all of these generalizations, people are too afraid and insecure to accept their ignorance.

    Until people wake the fuck up and realize that, despite cultural differences and skin colour that we are fuck and shit the same way, things will never change.

  16. they were savages who had to be taken care of because, quite frankly, we have a superior culture. Not race, but our civilazation was way more advanced

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