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The new season of 24 is supposed to be insane, and  according to some people superly racist against muslims and arabs, so as the Sandmonkey I have to investiagte this. Thanks to the tip from Memz, I am downloading episodes 1 through 5 from this website, and I will have seriously dumb & awesome entertainment for 5 straight continous houres. The terrorists supposidly have the atomic bomb, and they are trying to blow up LA, so I am rooting for them. Go terrorists!

Oh, who am I kidding? I love Jack Bauer. GO BAUER! 

While we are at it, the top 24 Jack Bauer facts! the top 100 Jack Bauer facts!

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  1. Hope you didn’t forget the other night’s episode of Heroes SM. It’s a fucker that we have to wait another week again now.

  2. I have to say, the writing this season is horrible!

    1. The terrorist kid befriends the white Christian neighbor?
    2. The father kills a sales-guy instead of calling for a cop sharp-shooter?
    3. The government knows a nuclear device is in the building and attacks on the ground instead of bombing them so they can’t detonate?
    4. The hero’s brother is the bad guy?


  3. I haven’t been watching this season so I don’t know anything about it, but if it is anti-muslim it wouldn’t be racist, just religously bigoted.

  4. Jordanβ€” “I have to say, the writing this season is horrible!”

    The writing on “24” is always horrible. The attraction for the plots aren’t the leaden dialogue and demonstrations of odd and incongruously unalarmed priorities in interoffice politics, it’s how they try to more or less successfully cram as many cliffhangers as possible into a single episode. It’s Proudly Unpretentious Pulp, and I can deal with that on a take-it-or-leave-it basis.

    What I CAN’T deal with is the producers not conforming with the explicit timeframe of the premise. I live in Los Angeles and I once spent TWO F*ING HOURS in the parking structure at the Beverly Center waiting in line trying to get out AT TWO IN THE MORNING on a THURSDAY NIGHT of all times, and the writers are trying to tell me Jack can drive from downtown L.A. to Valencia in about forty minutes during a time period concurrent with the morning rush hour? For that alone, screw you, 24, screw you right in the cornhole.

  5. TroyZ,

    Jack can drive from downtown L.A. to Valencia in about forty minutes during a time period concurrent with the morning rush hour?

    That’s about right, if he drives fast. I used to work in Valencia when I lived in Glendale… 134 to Interstate 5, head north to Valencia. Or take the 2 to the 210 to the 5. A 50 minute drive, either way. There is virtually no traffic northbound on the 5, in the morning. It’s all southbound.

    By the way i lived in Valencia until recently. What the fuck is Jack Bauer doing in Valencia!? Are there terrorists in Valencia now or what? When did that happen!?

    Well, as you can see, I don’t watch the show, but I gotta say if he’s heading out to Valencia to save the world from terrorist threats, maybe that’s a good think πŸ˜›

  6. Ironically, largely due to terrorism I’ve found some cool Muslims on the Internet.

    You’ve got much bigger problems than 24 in the image department.

    If I hear “devout Muslim” I’d be farking insane to assume good things. Secular, nonobservant, apostate… Muslim – fine. And I’m really sick of hearing that Americans supposedly don’t know anything about Islam. I know too much already.

  7. Heh Chip. Glanced at that link. Zawahiri does his best Dirty Harry, eh? Heh Papa Ray, your ominous tone has my attention. What will we know by the end of this year, if you’re game to go public with it? I’m not being flippant over the seriousness of it all (people are freaking dying for God’s sake!) but as one of the other 299+ million Americans not involved in politics, global trade, movie stardom or topless dancing, I feel pretty much powerless over the events transpiring here or there.
    Oh, I don’t watch 24. Terrorism ain’t my cup o’ tea for entertainment and I think I saw too many Keifer Sutherland flicks when he was working out his acting, so don’t dig him much. I really like his dad (Donald Sutherland) as an actor more. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (circa 1970s) – classic Donald Sutherland sci-fi at it’s bell-bottomed finest!

  8. Hey Craig – you NEED to be watching 24. Of all the bloggers I’ve encountered I think you would make a HUGE 24 fan!! Give the first season a chance and I guarantee you’ll be hooked after the first couple of episodes…

    24 and Heroes posed a big problem for me monday night…but that’s why I got a dual-tuner DVR – I can, thankfully, record both shows.

  9. “saw too many Keifer Sutherland flicks when he was working out his acting,”

    I thought Lost Boys was awesome tyvm πŸ˜›
    Anyone else notice just how many Canadian actors/actresses are in 24? Here’s hoping more nukes go off in this season. Somehow watching it ‘artistically’ happening is satisfying. πŸ˜›

  10. Lost Boys is the best 80’s movie ever!

    And yeah…

    Hollywood is the place Canadians go to work.
    Miami is the place Canadians go to die.

    What the hell am I still doing in Toronto?

  11. Casting Arabs in the role of terrorist is racist? It’s not racist, it’s more like observant!

    Just for the record, back in the 1980’s all of Hollywood’s evil-doers were Russian. As a Russian immigrant to the US I didn’t find it racist – I found it observant.

  12. Can’t stand the show. Too much of a soap opera, too many non-terror side-plots involving Kim (who should just stand around scantily dressed so we can ogle her). About 18 episodes into a season, I start feeling cheated.

    I’m a Lost man myself. And their muslim – an morally conflicted, soul searching, ex-Republican Guard, no less! – is a good guy.

  13. I don’t know which season we’ve just had here but it did have Muslims as terrorists and a father and son thingy happening- I didn’t watch it because I think each series of 24 has been the same. Craig- you only need to watch the first season- after that it’s like deja vu!
    Anyhoo- about a quarter way through last season’s sreenings, Kiefer Sutherland appeared before the show started with a message about terrorism and Muslims- something along the lines of “not all Muslims are terrorists and it is not the intention of this show to blah blah blah and the vast majority of Muslims are peace loving blah blah blah”- Fine, good, fair enough but I seriously don’t think anyone was watching the show- the ratings went downhill from season 2 and it was pushed to a really late time slot.
    Let’s face it- 24 jumped the shark when Jack became a drug addict (seaon 2 or 3 I think- I dunno- they’re all the same).

  14. I mean, come on! Muslim terrorists? How unlikely is that? I mean, everybody know that there are no Muslim terrorists and that every “Muslim” terrorist attack is actually conspired by the Jews.

    Muslims are right to complain about this racist portrayal of them.

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