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19 thoughts on “Barak is back?

  1. We Jews are usually very smart, but we are also very Liberal, which often leads to masochism which, in turn, leads to people like Barak.
    (Liberalism defined: The failure to take one’s own side in an argument.)

    And, of course, politicians of all political stripes have no shame.

  2. BrooklynJon, I’m Manhattan Methinks and I have a question for you: Where the hell are the Jews like you? The only American Jews I meet are of the masochistic variety who worship the likes of Babs Streisand and Obama. My Russian Jewish Immigrant (RJI) family is looking for Jews like you too – they can’t understand the the other Jews.

  3. Aren’t Jews supposed to be smart?

    Ask Saudi Dude. He can just flip over to page 82 of the Learned Elders of the Protocols of Zion and find the chapter on JewSmart.

  4. Methinks,

    In Manhattan, as in Brooklyn, we have to keep our heads down. I slapped a “Freedom isn’t Free” magnet on my car, and had my car vandalized twice. Finally, someone stole the magnet, but the whole experience set me back $200. I put an American flag on my car during Gulf War I, and someone set fire to it. I wonder what the ACLU would have said.

    But we’re out there. We’re just on the down low.

  5. BrooklynJon,

    Good &%*(#$@ LORD! Although, I’m not entirely surprised. When I wouldn’t stop to “help us get Bush out of office” walking down 3rd avenue, I was verbally attacked by the campaigner.

    The only non-masochistic Jews I’ve ever met have come from Europe – where they’ve had enough socialism to last them several generations to come!

    What would the ACLU have to say about the flag burning? Freedom of Speach. What would they have said if you burned a Mexican flag? Hate crime. I like the idea of the ACLU, I’m just starting to hate the actual ACLU.

  6. Methinks,

    I’m pretty much a libertarian, so for a while I considered joining the ACLU, and I still agree with them on quite a few issues. But in a number of instances they have veered away from a libertarian orientation towards a liberal orientation. I suspect, though, that the ACLU would oppose someone else burning my flag or smashing my windshield. I have to give them credit for that. And frankly, I agree that if someone wants to burn their own flag, or smash their own windshield, it’s none of my business unless they endanger me in doing so.

    As for your 3rd Avenue experience, I too am frequently a victim of the midset that says “You should think independently and agree with me.” In NYC that’s pretty much exclusively a left wing phenomenon. I do wonder, though, if the opposite is true in other places like, say, Provo. Maybe it is.

    BTW, non-masochistic Jews tend to be at least moderately religious. Of course, your religious beliefs and observances are none of my business, but perhaps you’re travelling in the wrong circles.

  7. BrooklynJon,

    I’m libertarian also. What bothers me about the ACLU is that they have not veared away from libertarian orientations, they have veared INTO left wing fascims. Let’s not kid ourselves, “liberals” are people who accept everybody. The far left wing is as fascist as the far right wing but on different issues. I would be similarly annoyed with the ACLU if it suddenly started to fight alongside the “pro-life” people.

    I lived in the South for 20 years. The bible belt is more socially conservative than it is fiscally conservative. I’m a social liberal and a fiscal conservative (I believe in free markets and extremely limited government – your basic libertarian). I have never in my life run across the level of aggression in the South as I do in New York. It’s amazing. And if you disagree with them, they go for the juggular! They start attacking you personally – how you’re a bushbot and you don’t give a shit about the environment and you’re a perfect corporate drone. It’s absolutely amazing.

    I mostly hang out on Wall Street – which is where I work. So, all my Jewish friends are from there. They seem pretty religious. I’m not Jewish myself – I was raised Russian Orthodox Christian as only one of my parents is Jewish and that parent wasn’t Jewish enough to care about raising me Jewish. Some of these masochists are my long lost family too – Jewish family that left Belarus a few generatios ago and found me through some geneological thingie (which, let me tell you, was way cool). I don’t get it. But I’m always on the lookout for the Jews that get it.

  8. Methinks,

    Peas in a pod, we are. So let me ask you…Giuliani or McCain? Or Romney?

    And let me ask you this also…in ’00, Bush or Gore?


  9. Giuliani

    Bush ’00

    Bush ’04 too.

    I’m in a pickle. The social conservatism scares the shit out of generally. But the left has pranced so far left, they’re scaring me more lately. Giuliani would be perfect!

    How about you?

  10. I love Rudy. But I really like McCain, too. And I think he may have an easier time getting through the primaries. I think I’d take a McCain/Rudy ticket, which would enable Rudy to run in

    For me, it was Gore, than Bush.

    Oops….gotta run!

  11. #2, #3, yes lol.

    SM, remember who we’re talking about. Barak is a crazy gambler with no social skills and a Gd complex. But all that said, he would be a better defense minister than Peretz because he actually understands warfare at some level and because he habitually takes action without talking rather than talking without taking action.

    Barak would be a terrible risk in a nuclear standoff, if he were PM rather than defense minister. But Peretz would be far, far, far worse.

  12. Barak would be a terrible risk in a nuclear standoff, if he were PM rather than defense minister. But Peretz would be far, far, far worse.

    I just realized I don’t know who has the authority to order use of nuclear weapons in Israel! Is it the Prime Minister (on his own authority) or is there other procedure?

  13. That’s beautiful – in Israel, where you have plausible deniability (except for Olmert’s recent little faux pas) of nukes, no one really knows who can push the button! ’cause of course, you don’t have one! Alon, hope you’re right! alhamd’alillah

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