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39 thoughts on “Bahraini loses citizenship for running a marathon..

  1. Typical Arab mentality. Rather than boast that their guy beat all the Jooos and could brag about that and rub it in for months, they strip the guy of his citizenship and kick him out.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the Israeli’s offer him citizenship!

    Back at ya, Bahrain!

  2. Even though Bahrain has no official ties with the Jewish state, “It is a free country,” the athlete was quoted as saying.

    Yeah, now the Bahrainis have decided to be free – of him. And Jawher thought by living with them he could trust these people!

  3. Bahrain does not rely on oil, as it has been pretty much depleted during the 50s. They rely mostly on the service sector and tourism (mainly from other gulf countries ~ Saudi Arabia in particular) for their economy and money supply.

    I commend and support the Bahranian authorities for their decision, and I hope it be extended to all traitors from arab countries who support a terrorist state. Israel has been established at the expense of our impoverished Palestinian brothers, and continues to exist as such. Therefore it is only logical and sensible to get rid of traitors who continue to deal with those ruthless occupiers (the Israelis). How were those who dealt with the Nazi Germany from the allies dealt with (or should have been dealt with) ?

  4. Make him a citizen, Israel!! He definitely earned it.

    (for a country that controls the global Zionists media conspiracy, they sure don’t know sh*t about P.R.)

    And Saudi dude, your condemnation of the evil terrorists state is truly heart warming. I mean, those damn Jews allow women to leave the house without a man’s permission and *gasp* even drive cars. They can even show off their devilish ankles in public.

    They must be stopped before their terrorist-gender-equality ways stir up calls for basic 17th century freedoms in the humane and just kingdom of Saud.

    Hey, if you call Israel a “terrorist state”, what do you expect? Out of these two countries, perhaps the one that stones to death women shouldn’t be looking down on others.

  5. and I hope it be extended to all traitors from arab countries who support a terrorist state.

    Egyptians and Jordanians don’t have Bahraini citizenship to begin with – just saying.

    It must suck to hate as much as you. C’est la vie.

  6. Blast from the past:

    Bahrain bans Al Jazeera TV

    I mean, Al Joo-zeera TV.

    Bahrain – insane in the membrane.

    Some choice excerpts:

    Mr al-Hamr said the ban was being imposed because the station was biased towards Israel and against Bahrain.


    Mr al-Hamr is said to have accused the station of being infiltrated by Zionists.


    “We believe (Al Jazeera) is suspect and represents the Zionist side in the region. We will not deal with this channel because we object to its coverage of current affairs. It is a channel penetrated by Zionists,” he was quoted as saying.


    That very well could be the best (and saddest – actually) article ever.


  7. “Out of these two countries, perhaps the one that stones to death women shouldn’t be looking down on others.”

    major LOL.

  8. The man not only claimed that “Bahrain is a free country”, but he also stated that “people should live together in harmony.”

    Gulf Arabs are going soft. The Kingdom of Bahrain only withdrew his citezenship for the above crimes. Surely they should have shot him!

  9. Saudi Dude,

    “How were those who dealt with the Nazi Germany from the allies dealt with (or should have been dealt with) ? ”

    Let’s see Joe Louis…beat German Max Schmeling…considered a hero in the USA.

    Jesse Owens…won gold in the Berlin Olympics…considered a hero in the USA.

    The U.S. eight-man rowing team also won the gold medal at the Berlin Olympics…I believe none were denied US citizenship afterward.

    So, on the analogy, your argument is a loser. Sorry. Thanks for playing.

    I’ll let others deal with the hateful substance of your comments.


  10. “Jesse Owens…won gold in the Berlin Olympics…considered a hero in the USA.”

    That´s brilliant.
    Thank you for putting it straight.

  11. @ Jordan:

    It’s not about Judaism. It’s about Zionism. Israel is a terrorist state because of it’s continued atrocities since its unjust foundation, from crimes such as the deer Yasin massacre during the British mandate of Palestine, till the recent bait hanon massacre were 18 civilians were murdered by the Israelis.

    Having a more advanced system of government and society does not justify an occupation, otherwise all occupations would be just since most occupiers have better systems in place, which enabled them to occupy others in the first place.

    and when was the last time a woman was stoned in Saudi?

    @ BrooklynJon:

    All those events occurred before America went into war with Germany. Regardless of what anyone thinks the situation should be, the fact remains that Bahrain still has no peace agreement with Israel, and still does not recognize it. By participating in this marathon Mr Jawher went against the public policy of Bahrain in this very sensitive issue, and therefore was stripped of his citizenship.

    Most countries would follow similar actions when faced with the same situation. The US government’s pursuit of Bobby Fischer is certainly indicative of that.

  12. “It’s not about Judaism. It’s about Zionism……blah blah blah blah blah….unjust foundation.”

    Hahahahahaha hahahahha hahhahahha (catches breath). Yeah, right.

  13. Saudi Dude,

    Those events occurred between the wars, after Hitler was elected and the Nazi Party took over the Reichstag. Germany was very much perceived as the enemy in those days.

    America regards Cuba as its national enemy, but anyone who would play against Cuba in sports is not considered anti-American. Similarly, an American competing in the Soviet Union would have been considered a national hero. For that matter, the decision to withdraw from the 1980 Olympiad in retaliation for the USSR’s occupation of a soverign country – a soverign ISLAMIC country, incidentally – was very controversial in the USA. Many if not most people thought the proper response should have been to kick butt on the Soviet playing field.

    Your complaints vis-a-vis being anti-Zionistic but not anti-semitic are self-serving and rather hard to swallow. Your listing of atrocities in Israel seems oddly to have omitted those committed against Jews. Could this perhaps be a reflection of your Saudi education? Do you think both sides of the story have been presented to you?

    In any event, Zionism merely is the Nationalistic movement of the Jewish nation. You’re saying that you have nothing against Jews, you just think they shouldn’t have a soverign state. Yeah, and I love Italians, but I think they should get the hell out of Italy. Right.

  14. Saudi Dude

    Can women drive in your country?

    Is there a church in your country?


    Then shut the fuck up. You’re a living, breathing human rights violation.

    Enough out of people like you, already.

  15. Most countries would follow similar actions when faced with the same situation. The US government’s pursuit of Bobby Fischer is certainly indicative of that.

    So the US is trying to strip Bobby Fischer of his citizenship?

    First of all, he violated a United NATIONS (not merely U.S.) embargo by competing in Yugoslavia at the time.

    Second of all – can women drive in your country? Are there churches there? Than shut the fuck up already.

    You’re a living breathing violation of the international declaration of human rights.

    Enough. This is a joke.

  16. BrooklynJon,

    Regardless of whether or not Hitler was perceived as a threat, the fact is hey still were not at war, and their were still relationships between the two countries (the US and Nazi Germany).

    As for Cuba, I would think that if an American athlete went there in direct opposition to the American government, they would at least an attempt to arrest them, like with Bobby Fischer. As for with the Soviet Union, I think all the athlete who participated there from the US did so in conjunction with the US government and its plans, and not solely participate in direct opposition to decrees set by their country. For example, had any American athlete participated in the 1980 Olympiad after the US made the decision to withdraw, it would surely have been viewed as a hostile message against your own country and would have probably received some form of punishment.

    I don’t think it’s hard to differentiate between being anti-Zionist and anti-Jewish. The term anti-semitic can not apply to me anyway since I’m an Arab, and Arabs are Semites as you probably know. To make it more clear, the difference between being anti-Zionist anti-Jewish is that for the first one I oppose a political ideology, which in one way or another is based on religion, while in the second one you oppose a religion or a group or people simply because of their belief.

    As for the list of atrocities, I listed the ones by Israel, not in Israel (rather occupied Palestine). My Saudi Education could certainly have had an influence, as well as my American education (the later part of secondary schooling). I believe I’ve been presented by both sides of the issue. I do not think that the number of civilian Jews who were killed by Palestinian / Arab atrocities even reaches the 3000 people killed figure of one massacre which Israel is directly responsible for (The Sabra – Chatilla massacre). However, most Palestinian militant groups are labeled as terrorist groups, whether they actually deserve it or not, while nothing is mentioned of Israel.

    I do not oppose Jews having a sovereign state, but rather I oppose them having one on another people’s expense. I also believe your analogy is flawed, since Italy belongs to Italians, where as Palestine belongs to Palestinians, not Jewish foreigners.

    @ # 18:

    You’re the one who should shut the fuck up. Just because my opinion pisses you off doesn’t give you the right to personally attack, nor does holding a Saudi citizenship.

    In Saudi Arabia, women don’t drive, and there isn’t much religious freedom, as well as other things. That, collectively, is wrong and should be changed.

    It does not, however, automatically mean the west is right. The colonial mentality that those with superior systems have the right to devour those with inferior systems is one of the reasons why there have been many problems in the world, and why there are many ones in the present.

  17. You’re wrong and you’re a hypocrite.

    It does not, however, automatically mean the west is right.

    It certainly does, about who can drive a car, for example.

    And this is NOT about “the West.” This is about a guy running a race and your hatred driving you towards illogical conclusions.

    colonial mentality that those with superior systems have the right to devour those with inferior systems = Wahhabi Islam.

    Except they’re just wrong about what’s “inferior” – hence the fact that, for example, women can’t drive or leave their homes undraped.

    You have so much work to do before you can credibly comment on “injustice” or “colonialism” – it’s not even funny.


  18. You people have no idea what your talking about…This has NOTHING to do with Judaism, as Bahrain has a Jewish population by the way. This has to do with their hate for Zionism… and many jews out there agree that Zionism is against Judaism.

    Anyways all you people talking smack about every Arab/Muslim country, pretty much have no idea of that countries history or what sets its people off, specially you Americans. (most ignorant people about matters of the world)

  19. Watching you lash out, though, is funny.

    It’s awesome to watch your concern for “inferior systems” being devoured by “superior systems.”

    How about this: why not drive to Mecca or to the Royal Palace in Riyadh, bring a sign that says, “Islam is NOT the answer” or “Women Drivers Rock” or “Let’s Build a Church” and see what happens.

  20. I am SO GLAD I live in America. I am so glad to be ignorant of what so many countries do to their citizens, for no goddamn reason.

  21. I should add, it’s 30 people who would get either the shit kicked out of them or arrested as “spies” if they dare showed any outward expression of interest – religious or otherwise – in Israel.

    So sad.

  22. Anyways all you people talking smack about every Arab/Muslim country, pretty much have no idea of that countries history or what sets its people off, specially you Americans. (most ignorant people about matters of the world)

    Maybe I’m wrong, but I have some idea about what sets muslims off, and that is EVERYTHING. Simple. Black consider everything to be racist, feminists consider everything to be degrading, north koreans consider everything to be act of war, and muslims consider everything to be insult of islam. Blah. Relax and have a beer.

  23. Saudi Dude,

    I have so very much to disagree with you about, I have no idea where to begin. Sigh.

    Of course the point is that it’s a violation of Bahrain’s policy that the runner ran in a race in Israel. The very issue is the policy. The USA, and most civiized countries, would have no such policy. Americans of dual nationality did compete in the 1980 olympics. There could be no such thing as a violation of that policy, as the USA would not make one.

    US/Germany in 1936. Yes, they were not shooting at each other. But they were enimies. When exactly was the last time an Israeli shot at a Bahraini in any official capacity?

    I’m glad you are willing to accept a soverign Jewish state. Where would you suggest it be planted? Antarctica? Underwater? The Moon? How about the historic Jewish homeland, where Jews lived for some 1500 years before most BUT NOT ALL Jews were booted out. Where Jews have had a CONTINUOUS presence for 3500 years. Where the places of centrality to the Jewish religion are.

    Yes there are anti-Zionistic Jews. They are widely regarded as totally nuts by virtually all Jews. They are religious zealots who believe that the Jews are meant to suffer until the Messiah comes and kills everyone else. Well, I got news for you, I reject their whole theological construct, including the bit where you have to die after the Messiah comes. If you’re cool with them, that’s your problem, but be careful about who you choose as your ideological bedfellows.

    So If Jews cannot return to their homeland, who can? And what exactly is the statue of limitations on occupations? Were you occupying Native American soil by setting foot in America? How about the Arabs in Iraq? Should we toss them out and restore the Assyrians to power? How about Islam’s and Christianinty’s ideological colonization of much of the planet? Should we force all Muslims outside of Mecca and Medina, and all Christians outside of Jerusalem to revert to their original pagan beliefs?

    The massacre at Sabra and Shatilla. Yes the Israelis were involved. Who did the killng? Christians and Muslims. Blame the Jews if you must, but blame the Christians and the Muslims who actually did this more, if you want to be honest.

    Who caused the Palestians to be dispossesed of their land in 1948? Jews? Yes. The Mufti of Jerusalem? Yes. The Invading Arab Armies (of Arabian-occupied Syria, Arabian-occupied, Jordan, and Arabian-occupied Egypt)? Yes.

    Who caused the Jews to be dispossesed of their land in the Arab countries? Just the Arabs.

    And are we to base morality on a scorecard of deaths? That is the most ludicrous idea. The Arabs have been fighting a 59 year long war of extermination, complete with exacerbations and lulls, but with the overriding goal being the exterminating of any Jewish presence in Israel. The Israelis are trying to survive.

    30 Bahraini Jews. The very pinnacle of enlightened tolerance, no doubt.

    I will suggest equalling your magnanimity. Bahrain can keep its 30 Jews. Israel should keep 30 of its Arabs (and treat them very, very well), and send the rest packing to Bahrain.

    You will grant Jews a homeland on some unpopulated, barren stitch of land somewhere. Let us grant all those who booted the Jews out of their countries after the formation of Israel, homelands in the same barren desolate spot.

    In short, Saudi Dude, with all due respect, you may have heard both sides, but you haven’t listened to both sides.

  24. “where as Palestine belongs to Palestinians, not Jewish foreigners”

    Palestine is Judea. Judea is Palestine.

    The Jews have every right to that land as anyone else, and until your country and 5 others tried to wipe Israel and its people out of existence- both peoples, Arabs and Jews had proper pieces of the land allocated legally.

    It’s your own damned fault.

    And now 50 years later, the Palestinians are returning to the table to get less than what they could have had in 1948 with the Partition.

    Moshe Dayan even offered all the so called ‘stolen’ land taken in 1967 just after the war. The Arabs flat out refused with three “no’s”. No Negotiations, No Recognition, No Peace.

    Should have added a fourth: No Brains.

  25. Saudi dude, why don’t you tell me all about the riots & killings of Jews in the 1920s Palestinean Mandate?

    If your internet posts were a people, BrooklynJon’s post just ripped “your” head off & went # 2 down the neck.

  26. Saudi dude,

    Here is an article presenting nature of I/P conflict as it is seen by at least 2 Jews:

    Please, note that author does not simply states the facts.
    In great many cases author provides references to sources, which cannot be accused of being pro-Zionist.

    If you know something similar to the article above presenting Arab side of the story I would appreciate if you could post a link.

    Thank you

  27. Jason,

    I must admit that my opinion is lopsided but until I will be able to find something of the same quality, which would represent another side of the story it will have to remain such.

    I still hope Saudi dude will be able to help me. On the other hand, negative result is result as well.

  28. To “Running” @ #38.

    More? Do you mean you would like to read more on the subject?
    If it is so, I am afraid I cannot recommend anything else at this moment.
    I tried to find something from another side.
    Unfortunately most of what I was able to find are hateful pieces, which look very odd and do not offer reasonable argument.
    It is possible that something worth reading exists in Arabic or other languages but I do not speak those.

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