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11 thoughts on “AP loves Chavez

  1. AP dictionary

    1. “Booming Economy” = 17% Inflation and deficits during record oil prices
    2. “maximum revolution” = Another society that doesn’t want to grow up
    3. “Constitutional Reform” = Goodbye constitution
    4. “luxury tax” = Brain Drain
    5. “power to the people” = Dark Utopian cliche to the point where it is not even funny anymore…

    …ok, its a little funny.

    “Between money and poverty I choose money if only for financial reasons” – Woody Allen

  2. Lefty love in an article that reports on the dismantling of all of Venezuela’s Democratic institutions no less. The Real Cuba has a quiz. Since Hugo Chavez is following so closely in Castro’s footsteps they thought it would be fun to see if people can tell which of the following Quotes came from Fidel or Hugo.

  3. Others are horrified, predicting that doors will close on their personal freedoms under one-man rule, although exactly what Chavez will do with his power remains unclear.

    Hmmm. That is a no brainer. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Farewell Venezuela, I barely knew thee. Sorry to all his “marginilized opposition” for the mass graves they surely will inhabit. When will the world learn?

  4. I wonder if Chavez will invade Cuba & prop it up once Castro kicks the bucket. He’s acting like the heir apparent. It would make sense.

  5. I’ve lost all respect for most of the AP’s reporters in world-wide trouble spots. Most of the reporters who gravitate to these areas turn out to be blind ideologues.

  6. Fuck Venezuela and Chavez’s fanboys. Any sane ppl there are quickly making their exit strategies and I’ll heartily welcome any that come here. The majority voted the fucker in, so let them lay in the bed they made. Kinda hard to blame Chavez when there’s just SOOOOOOOOOOO many stupid ppl there.

    Interesting link Rancher. Thanks

  7. Its not just Ap reporters its reporters world wide, not sure if any one is aware but all reporters have already wrote the story in there heads before they do an interview or observation

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