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Hezbollah is re-arming for one, and since they started the last one, I am not sure Israel shouldn't be calling their bluff. I guess Nasrallah truly won't rest until Lebanon is in pieces. God knows that's the only way he can win!

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83 thoughts on “Another Hezbollah/Israel War?

  1. I am going through Lebanese blogs ever since end of last Lebanon-Israel war.

    It appears mood is gradually changing from unquestionable support for Divine Victor to just the opposite.

    if HA will start another war with Israel, rest of Lebanon will unite with Israel against it. A-a-ah, whom am I kidding.

  2. Israel, DON’T FALL INTO THE TRAP!!!

    HA lost its popularity, destroyed Lebanon’s travel sector, and now needs some good old fashion resistance to become the part of the in crowd again.

    It’s so sad. Lebanon used to be such a great country.

  3. “HA lost its popularity, destroyed Lebanon’s travel sector, and now needs some good old fashion resistance to become the part of the in crowd again.”

    I am almost surprised by Lebanese stupidity.

    If it is really enough for Hizbullah to _attack_ someone in order to make the Lebenese believe that they help _defend_ their country in a war that doesn’t happen without Hizbullah’s attack, then who can help the Lebanese?

    They can believe what they want to believe.

    It’s stupid.

  4. United Nations expert committee to examine ongoing weapons smuggling to Hezbollah across the Lebanon-Syria border.

    I thought Nancy got that all straightened out on her visit to Syria…
    After all, “The road to peace leads through Damascus”

  5. sayed hassan nasrallah, not hassan nasrallah. you dont know shit about lebanon or hezbollahs leader. i lived all my life with lebanese shiite and hezbollah, they are good honorable people.

  6. they are good honorable people.

    Who are also mass murdering terrorists?

    They are on the road to hell and if you think they are “good honorable people” then you probably are on that road with them. And anyone who thinks a man as evil as Hassan Nasrallah deserves a title indicating he is a servant of God, doesn’t worship the same God that I do. Maybe we should just dispense with this “we all worship the same God” fiction. We obviously don’t.

  7. nesreen,

    Let us see if I can get through this load of stuff.

    “El Sayed Nasrallah the only true lebanese who does not want to be a door mat to Jeffrey Feltman”

    Strange. I thought if our dear Said does it for Nejad and Assad he can do it for Feltman too.

    “I support hezbollah and im not even a shia”

    I never though it is mandatory to be Shia in order to be naive (to put it mildly).

    “He still has the support of the people who believe in him”

    That is no trick. Try to get support of those who do not believe in him. At least try to prevent level of support from dropping.

  8. Hezbully, silly savages. They’re so 1940’s cartoon figures. Delusions of grandeur. Soon to be in the trash bin of history along with the Imperialists, Nazis, Fasists, Communists. Boo bye.

  9. mass murdering terrorists? oh yeah their the ones who bombed the shit out of lebanon sorry my fault, and israel liberated lebanon from hezbollah when they tried to invade the south, o yeah. their going to hell o yeah.

    lol imperialists and communits rofl. the only thing in the trash bin of history right now is america and its savage campaign to fuck up every country in the world and make it liek theirs.

  10. Anwar, you must be feeling like the wicked witch in “The Wizard of Oz” when Glinda told her to begone before someone drops a house on her.

  11. Half Lebanese here, and I will say loud and clearly that Hezbollah is the enemy of a sovereign Lebanon. Priority number one for Lebanon should be the destruction of Hezbollah, regardless of the support it gets from Shiite Lebanese; Anwar, how can a state function and prosper, and maintain control over its territory, if it does not have a monopoly over coercive force? Should we ask Hezbollah nicely not to kidnap and kill Israeli soldiers next time? Who do we show allegiance to, Lebanon or a fat cleric whos perception of reality is flawed?

  12. anwar,

    To review,

    Israel didn’t bomb, as you say, the shit out of Lebanon. It bombed the shit out of HA, which was all too happy to hide among civilians and let the civilians take the bombs for them. Of course, HA started the war with the unprovoked cross-border raid. And of course, HA begged mightily for mercy and then, once mercy was given, had the temerity to call itself the victor.

    America in the “trash bin of history”? Do you have any evidence for this? On the contrary, I see the forces of tyranny whining mightily about big, bad America, trying to produce the same “begging-mercy-claims of victory” cycle.

    But perhaps the campaign against American-imposed freedom can commence with your voluntarily giving up your right to free – and silly – speech. Some people just don’t deserve to be free.

  13. hezb used women and children as human shields hid behind burkas so to speak.

    the idf learns from its mistakes you can be sure of that

  14. I´ve been socializing with Hizballah guys in Baalbeck, Beirut and south Lebanon : really nice people. I´m a catholic and never, ever, it was a problem between us.

    Of course they are anti-zionists. So what ?

  15. So what? How about it is none of their business what type of government a foreign country has. They should also leave Lebanon alone. They are turning it into the shits like every other Muslim country.

  16. Of course they are anti-zionists. So what ?

    So, nothing, if that’s all they were. It’s not. Hezbollah has murdered in cold blood thousands of innocent people, Antoine. And only a few of them were either Jewish or Israeli. If you don’t have a problem with that, you are part of the problem.

  17. 8. farida:

    Why? Please explain…

    14. anwar:

    But why did they “bomb the shit out of Lebanon”? Was it possibly because Lebanon sheltered terrorists that kidnapped their soldiers? America in the trashbin? How so? Only ones having such thoughts are people who dream of a bygone era when all they said was right and everyone else would have their head chopped off… Many negative things can be said of the US (as is true of most other countries) but that they were trying to lead the world down the road of destruction is not one of them – quite the opposite, in fact…

    19. Antoine:

    I know people that socialized with Germans during the WW2 occupation, and they (the germans) were ‘nice guys with healthy values’… Well, not all the way through, obviously…!!! Calling for the destruction of a state, the death of a people/race/religion and eternal war hardly counts as ‘good and honourable’ in modern terms…!

  18. since when has Hezbollah killed thousands of civilians? This is utter bullshit that even fox news hasn’t claimed in it’s whole time of existance! Hezbollah alone since creation has been responsible for the death of 2000 IDF soldiers who were operating on illegally ocupied territory.

    Let me tell every back-stabbing Lebanese/Arab here something about the reality of all this. Some of you talk of an impossible strong lebanese state with Hezbollah present. OK, fair enough. I challenge any Lebanese here to give me an account of a single bullet fired at Israel since 1973. Just ONE bullet. During the war, we lost tens of army soldiers, but FatFat (acting defence minister) ordered our honorable soldiers to serve the IDF tea (in Marjayoun baracks) instead of serving them a couple of bullets in the ass.

    Moving on. Since 1948 until the 1970’s before the PLO was present in Lebanon, Israel had violated Lebanese sovereignty 10,000 times. Can someone now ask me what the Lebanese state or army did? Nothing. Thats what they did. Nothing. These violations included random killings, occupation of an area called the 7 villages (hich consists of 7 villages) UNPROVOKED, people being kidnapped and in some cases never returned, arming of illegal militias to fuel the civil war, airspace being violated, land being violated, sea space being violated, accounts of torture, killing of farmers and fishermen or ‘strange’ events which had led to their disappearance and never returned and the list goes on.

    Now some people have a really twisted logic in the way they think of Hezbollah. This resistance is the ONLY source of power for Lebanon, not the source of weakness. Hezbollah has managed to defy all laws of logic to create a highly sophisticated, trained, armed, organised, non-corrupt, efficient and powerful military force amid occupation and civil war. This force is being called the strongest guerilla/resistance force the world has ever seen, the least corrupt party in Lebanon and the Arab and Muslim world, and an Elite Commando unit whom are the same or of even higher level then their Israeli counter-parts!

    In the History of Israels creation until now, Hezbollah has been THE only Arab force to not know that an Arab soldier is supposed to run after a small encounter with the IDF. During the warm some battles lasted 36 hours on end. Don’t forget the shelling, airstrikes, warship strikes and tank shells being dropped on these fighters while engaging the IDF troops.

    We, as Lebanese, have a hell of a military force that has accomplished more in it’s two and a half decade long existance via its small but mighty resistance than any of the oldest Arab kingdoms with their largest armies could ever achieve, all in one month. Instead of wishing for the destruction of the same force whom sacrificed 3,000 fighters for the sake of Lebanon’s true independence and sovereignty on behalf of the government which should have done that itself, we should thank rather than curse this power. We should pray to strengthen rather than weaken it.

    To all Lebanese who believe Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah and the Hezbollah as a party did not warn the Lebanese of the abductions, maybe you will find this interesting;

    BTW to that ‘half Lebanese’ guy, that ‘fat cleric# you are talking about shook the foundations of Israel, the worlds fourth strongest army, for the first time and like it was never shaken before. What has the corrupt Lebanese government done other than specialise in corruption, sectarianism, division, internal strife and racism. They have not contributed a single penny to the Lebanese in southern Lebanon as if southern Lebanon was a whole different country and its inhabitants are a whole different people. Im talking before Hezbollah even existed. I mean the PALISTINIANS did a better job at safeguarding our country than the government. The president actually did the opposite, he invited the french, american and italian troops into Lebanon under Chapter 7 of the UN Charter with NATO authority i.e. he brought occupation to Lebanon not got rid of it.

    No the Lebanese government is doing the same. When in any democratic government HALF the population is on the streets demanding the PM to resign and he doesn’t, but instead tells his own people ‘you’re going to get tired soon’ and ‘ don’t think im uncomfortable, i sleep at night as soon as my head touches the pillow’ and ‘you are all agents of syria and iran’, then i think everyone agrees that there is something flawed about this democracy.

    Or when evidence reveals that Lebanese ministers and political leaders affiliated with the government are actually calling for a war on their own country, then their is a problem with those peoples’ affiliation. When a Lebanese PM says ‘im not Lebanese, im a Saudi’ then I think there’s a MAJOR problem with nationality there (yes, im talking about the late PM Rafiq Harriri). When a government invites the French to control their airspace, the Italians to control the sea and UN troops to control the land/border/airport/seaports under chapter 6 (and could’ve been seven if it weren’t for Hezbollah), then there is a serious problem with the recognition of sovereignty. I don’t know man the list is endless. One last one before i leave? Wen a government-run ministry recieves aid in the form of medicine then goes out SELLING the medicine just after a devastating war, then there is a serious moral flaw their, or when a government owned company is given the orders to make soil transportation contracts, but instead sends garbage to those fields and covers it with soil already their then theres an ethical problem.

    Finally, to all people who oppose Hezbollah i say this: think what you want of this organisation because everyone is aware of it’ accomplishments. It has never saught or intended to kill civilians in any case, but when your enemy is razing village after village with bulldozers and carpet bombing, or when your enemy is pancaking whole civilian apartment buildings, or when leaving every building in the southern sector of your capital either seriously damaged or completely destroyed – all this with the support of the ‘civilian population’ of the agressing country, then you need to do something to defend yourself. Secondly, do not look at the recent conflict as something out of the blue. Lebanon and Israel have been in a state of conflict since 1948. Hezbollah has always been in a state of war with Israel since 1982. What happened last summer was just another war in the wider conflict. The start of the conflict wasn’t when Hezbollah kidnapped two SOLDIERS, it was when Hezbollah became existant in response to Israels invasion of Lebanon. The kidnapping of two soldiers is the result of Israel kidnapping thousands of Lebanese prisoners – both civilian and military – withought any basis of releasing them unless the other party bows down to pre-conditions.


  19. Slicko, what do they put in your water over there that you cannot see events the actual way that they happen? Israel would leave Lebanon alone if Lebanon would leave Israel alone. Israel has no problems with Egypt or Jordan because they are not attacking Israel. I have read that Syria has more Lebanese prisoners than Israel. Maybe your Hezzbo heroes should try capturing some Syrian soldiers and launching rockets at Syria. Let’s see how kind they would be to your “resistance” who likes to hide among civillians. Anyways, if you cared about your civillians you would build bomb shelters with the $ that the world gave Lebanon after the war THEY started with Israel. Israel cares about its people, Hezbollah does not.

  20. Theres a difference between Hezbollah and the Lebanese government, OK Karen. Our government is a corrupt and strife seeking one working on orders from the Saudi dictator, American governmt-affiliated agencies and other western governments.

    The money comes in the billions to Lebanon but only thousands reach the public. On the other hand, Hezbollah recieves and delivers billions even though it is not obliged to.

    You talk about leaving Israel alone. Clearly you didn’t get a single thing i just said in my previous article. Israel started every Middle Eastern mess by its very existance, and started the Lebanese one by invading the country for no reason.Israel occupies Lebanese land, not Lebanon occupying Israeli lands. Israel holds Lebanese prisoners, previously we did not, it was only on 12 July that we gained two Israeli soldiers to bargain with. It isn’t the Lebanese or Hezbollah side conducting regular over-flights in Israeli ‘sovereign’ airspace, it is Israel that regularly seeks to humiliate Lebanon by carrying out thousands of over-flights in Lebanese airspace. We did not kill 1,200 civilians, the Israelis did. We did not raze nor conquer villages and cities in the name of self-defence, the Israelis did.

    While you sit under your air conditioning typing on your all-classy laptop withought any experience and clearly no knowledge of the situation of Lebanon/Israel nor the region in fact, I am here talking to you from both good knowledge and a hell of a good experience.

    Israel doesn’t care about no people, 1/6 of Israels citizens are Arabs, the same people the Israelis are fighting abroad. In this there is no ‘their’ and ‘our’ people. There is profit and interests through the ‘others’ submission. And actually, if Hezbollah did not care for it’s people it wouldn’t have fought for three decades to free land and return prisoners long before Iran even invested in any nuclear programme and long before Bashar Assad was even studying his A Levels in America.

  21. Of course I didn’t get what you wrote. You are a prime example of what is meant by the Arab Parallel Universe. You turn the truth upside down. Israel exists! Israel has been re-established and isn’t going anywhere no matter how many wars YOU wage against her. Jews have as much right to be in the middle east as you do. Get used to it because you won’t be able to change a thing and will only bring more misery to the people you supposedly care about.

  22. Karen,

    You can argue with the APU, but it won’t get you anywhere. “A levels in America”? Sheesh!

    And part of the confusion is that even though the UN believes that Israel pulled completely out of Lebanon, the Sheba farms is of indeterminate provinance since it was grabbed from Lebanon by Syria some time ago, and subsequently grabbed from Syria by Lebanon. Syria, for it’s part, is being coy about saying that it’s part of Lebanon (which probably would bave caused Israel to pull out of it) because they think all of Lebanon is part of Syria anyway. But it’s a piece of land the size of a small Greenwich, Connecticut parcel, so it’s not easy to understand what the big deal is from any side.

    And yes, Israeli reconnaisance overflights – a humiliation!
    Katyushas slamming into houses in Kiryat Shemona – brave “resistance”!
    It’s the APU. Just smile and nod.

    Oh, and I think someone’s jealous of your laptop and air conditioner.

  23. Well, it’s now 19 Apr, Still ‘thinking’ slickleb?

    Crickets chirping and chirping and chirping…

    Oh, I know, you’re seething. That’s just so special.

    Sitting here drumming my fingers.

  24. Hi BrooklynJon,

    I know about the background information that you mentioned above (Sheba farms) but I didn’t bring it up with the Slick Leb because of the APU factor. It’s amazing how they can spin reality. Also, those reconnaisance flights have nothing to do with self defence, eh? They are just Joooish humiliation tactics aren’t they? I do just smile a lot when reading their version of reality. I don’t have the time or energy right now to argue (busy planning a simcha) while freezing in my air conditioned home. Take care :)

  25. Karen,

    For crying out loud, turn off the a/c if you’re freezing!


    And may I recommend my sister’s online invitation business for your simcha?

  26. BJ,

    Thank you, but I won’t need her services for this simcha. It is too late. Maybe in 7 years, but I don’t know. I use a lady who works from home and also delivers. It is very convenient.

    ps The a/c is off. I just need to turn up the heat, but the Mr. keeps turning it down.

  27. ok,,,,,karen craig and all the other anti-muslims out here…i`ll try to keep it short..hezbalah is a religious organization they attack israel and they will continue to do so until every arab and islamic country is free of ISRAELI tyranny… please dont fool urselves…r all foreigners this ignorant…u call arabs and muslims mass murderers and the funny thing is dat its u that occupy and globalise us……its against our religion to attack but oh yes we can defend ourselves instead of dying like mere cattle……ISRAEL ….they bomb schools,bridges,water supplies,kill thousands,use illegal weapons……i bet you never hear about the thousands of Iraqis,palestinians and others that die daily…but wen u lose a couple of israeli or american soldiers u`ll be willing to launch a war….you are all IGNORANT… all of you..put urself in our place…..u take our land ,,rape our women….insult our faith….its not the end…its all gona turn against u one day…remember wat i`m telling u..and u know whats the funny thing….allll of this dates back to the CONQUESTS….and we all know how that ended up!

    p.s. reply in a humane manner……i wana c how much u rly know about the region

  28. asileem,

    Have you the slightest idea of what Muslims have done to Israel and to Jews in the name of Islam? Even a teeny weeny little bit of an idea? A smidge?


    Israel has nothing to do with Iraq.

    If Palestinians were really dying by the thousands every day, they would have disappeared in the 1950s.

    Could you please explain exactly how all the Arab and Muslim countries are tyrannized by Israel? Like Libya. And Indonesia. Please explain.

    And asileem, if you’re willing to use violence only in self-defense but you think everyone is out to get you, then you’re not really non-violent. Just so you know.

    Do have a lovely day. Cheers!

  29. Have you the slightest idea of what jews have done to palastain and to muslims & christians in the name of zionism? Even a teeny weeny little bit of an idea? A smidge?

    im asking u ? do u know ?

  30. What did they do? Ask you to share? Something that ethnocentric, Jew- hating xenophobic muslims and arabs can’t do. How did you get your arab and muslim land? Through conquest. So don’t lecture about land stealing.

    Another thing. Jews are know for advancements in science, technology and medicine, NOT raping your women. As for insluting other faiths, it is muslims who call Christians and Jews apes and pigs…not the other way around. Cheers :)

  31. ok first of all i dont reply to cheers!, second of all i think jews aren’t known for science and technology, i bet you know what the real jewish stereotype is,,,,,,,another point….israel has everything to do with iraq……ever heard of the sadam hussein threats to israel….america went there to defend israel…after all america is only israel`s watch dog….no offenccccccce ppl but really, u have to start opening your eyes…if you wish for peace, ,,,,,,,,,do you think if israel the occupier gives up the palestinians land,,,,,,and america leaves iraq and afghan u will still be haunted by ur so called muslim-ghost…open ur eyes and get over ur pride and eco-sentrism… was but a bunch of decades ago that you people were just a bunch of savages killing and ravaging each other all of you other than the italians and greeks which are quite peaceful countries…….and even ur so called america…not even ur land……and u who doesnt want to reply..its cuz you know its the truth

  32. this is a seperate post,,,just for BROOKLYNJON………you mock my exaggeration of the number of deaths….but that just my art of rhetoric…… offence…..the victims of VT…we all feel sorry for their relatives and god be with them………………but look at the publicity that got………i can swear to any form of holiness u want…to any book… any religion…to any god…that’s the minimum daily toll in palestine and iraq the minimum!!!!!!

  33. If Palestinians were really dying by the thousands every day, they would have disappeared in the 1950s.


    its called exaggeration…u usually use it in the art of rhetoric…

    another thing….no offence….what happened in VT was against everything i stand for…my condolences to all the families of the victims…but look at the publicity…i assure u and can swear to every religion , holy book , god there is that that`s the minimum daily toll in iraq and palestine

    u occupy us for no reason but to defend ur so called peace, rape our women, insult our faith, kill our youth, and u call us savages

    remember mate: bombing for peace is like ******* for virginity!

  34. i never heard of sharing by killing and kicking people out of there homes, that sharing to you that terrorism to me and rest of the world .
    ps: im not a muslim
    peace , shalloom ,kiss my ass.

  35. oh my god karen, you just gave us all a Jewish information website written by Jews, u just proved to allllllllllllllllll of us, that ur illiterate, ignorant, zionist, biased, empty-headed,,,,,,THIS WEBSITE WONT SHOW THE TRUTH!!!

  36. A new survey released by a reliable American human rights organisation has reported that 96.5% of all serious violations of Human Rights (geneva convention) were conducted by Israel. It also reported that since 1948 to this day, 1,700 Israeli civilians died as a cause of terrorism.

    The whole world blindly follows this war mongerring country. They do this despite the fact that Israel killed roughly the same number of civilians in Lebanon as the terrorists did in Israel. The difference being Israel is very efficient and fast at slaughtering civilians which has become some-what their national profession and hobbie. The terrorists did it in 59 years, whereas Israel did it in a month.

    Unfortunately they didn’t break their past record, which was 20,000 civilians in two weeks (the 1982 Israeli invaion of Lebanon ‘Peace for Galilee). Somehow, Hezbollah is the terrorist side. When people actually look up the definition of a terrorist, then maybe we can draw a sense of who deserves to be labelled that way. In my whole life I have never heard of the French resistance which sprouted in France during WW2 against the Nazi’s being called terrorists, except ofcourse by the Nazis and Hitler.

    Terrorist = somebody who uses violence or the threat of violence, especially bombing, kidnapping, and assassination, to intimidate, often for political purposes (Encarta Dictionary).

    Who did more bombing, Israels hundreds of thousands of shells and tens of thousands of airstrikes and carpet bombing, INDISCRIMANTELY (there is no such thing as accurate or guided carpet bombing, nor precision strike collateral damage) or Hezbollahs 5,000 crude rockets?

    Who is the one known world-wide for the most efficient assasination agencies (Mossad AND Shin Bet)? Israel has assasinated countless political leaders, civilians and other officials. The only people Hezbollah has assasined are Lebanese agents working for Israel and Israeli generals in Lebanon.

    Then their is the kidnapping. Israel right now has 10,000 kidnapped civilians locked up in their jails. only 1 or 2 hundred others are militant. The rest are either their because they have not been tried yet, for political leverage or blackmail etc. Hezbollah has two Israeli prisoners, both of whome are soldiers CAPTURED, not kidnaped, captured on Lebanese occupied land.

    Then their is the use of these military terror tactics of intimidation for political purposes. Who can recall the person who said that this war is to politically diminish Hezbollah rather than militarily whipe it out? Who recalls which side kidnapped half of the other sides’ freely elected cabinet? Who invaded Lebanon and installed a government which sympathises with Israel as well as tried to form a peace treaty with it against the peoples will? Even though the government had been installed through undemocratic means. The list goes on forever, I can stay until tomorrow writting down examples, but I’m sure i would hardly cover 1% of the story anyway.

    So now you have a slight Idea of who the terrorist is, ok? I don’t want to bringup stories from the occupation, such as every village that conducts resistance against the IDF invasion in 1982 had to pay tax to the IDF for ‘damages’. I’ll allow you to decide because this is something of a moral understanding as well as something of common sinse. You can not compare an ants pinch to a sharks bite.

  37. Wow. Skip a day and there is a lot to answer.

    Slick Leb,

    I don’t know if you were cruising SM’s blog during the fighting between Israel and Lebanon, but no one on either ideological side was rejoicing in the civilian harm, on either side. And I don’t recall any of us Israel supporters ever saying that Israel is always pure as the driven snow. No one is. Certainly Israel isn’t.

    That being said…

    First, the Israeli soldiers captured by Lebanon were in the Shebaa Farms area. Lebanon, by and large, believes this to be part of Lebanon. Fair enough. The UN believes this not to be part of Lebanon, and the rest of the world generally has no opinion, or follows the UN. Israel, in pulling back to their own border, followed UN mandates, and has been ruled in compliance.

    Second, after Israel was attacked – an attack that also featured katyushas fired at civilian targets in Israeli cities – Israel chose to respond to this causus belli, as any soverign nation is allowed. But how to respond? Well, HA cynically places their weapons in civilian areas. HA’s fighters wear civilian attire. It is impossible to retaliate against HA without striking the civilians among them. So Israel is presented with two options: be a punching bag and accept attacks without retaliating for fear of harming civilians, most of whom are supporters of HA anyway or respond by striking HA, understanding that by doing so civilians will inevitably be harmed. Ethically speaking, when person A places person B in an ethical bind, it is person A who id culpable for person B’s bad action. And so, HA is ultimately to blame for the harm that befell the civilians of southern Lebanon.

    As far as 1982 is concerned, are you aware that prior to the invasion, Lebanon hosted the PLO that regularly conducted raids against civilian targets in Israel? Israel repeatedly asked Lebanon to control their border, but Lebanon refused for whatever reason. A soverign nation, in international law, is responsible for attacks originating on their soil against another nation, regardless of whether the nation intends for those attacks to occur. When Lebanon failed to restrain the PLO, Lebanon was, de jure, attacking Israel Israel put up with some of this, but eventually had enough and went in to put a stop to it. Should they have stayed in the “Security Zone”? Of course not. But, Lebanon should have deployed their army to the border after Israel left in 2000, which they once again refused to do.

    “Who recalls which side kidnapped half of the other sides’ freely elected cabinet? Who invaded Lebanon and installed a government which sympathises with Israel as well as tried to form a peace treaty with it against the peoples will? ”

    Uh, you got me Slick. Who kidnapped Lebanon’s cabinet? I don’t recall this happening. I recall Syria assassinating a Lebanese politician. I recall Palestinians assassinating an Israeli politician. And when, exactly, did Israel install any government in Lebanon? I must have been distracted that day. Finally, you seem to imply that Israel would like peace with Lebanon, while the Lebanese do not want this. I believe this would be correct, though you have not stated it explicitly.

    “You can not compare an ants pinch to a sharks bite.”
    The ethics of the pinch and the bite do not depend on the amount of damage they cause, but on who provoked whom. If I step on your toe and then you punch me in the face as a response, you may have overreacted, but I’m still in the wrong.

  38. zingobringo,

    So I guess all 6 billion of us have to crowd into Olduvai Gorge, ‘cuz that’s where we all came from. Everyplace else is “occupied territory”.

    Or, how about this: Everyone go back to where you were 2500 years ago.

    You may want to look up the Mufti of Jerusalem, and research his statements to the Palestinian people as the Arab countries were invading Israel in 1948.

  39. asileem,

    I had a long and thoughtful response to you that was eaten by internet explorer, and I don’t care to write it again. Suffice to say, that exaggeration is a poor way to convince anyone of anything. If you have a point to make, make it. I happen to disagree with virtually everything you had to say. Except I agree that the carnage in Iraq is a terrible thing. Sadly, for the most part, it’s Muslims killing Muslims, which must be especially painful for you, assuming that the media you see actually reports that.



  40. Slick Leb,

    “A new survey released by a reliable American human rights organisation has reported that 96.5% of all serious violations of Human Rights (geneva convention) were conducted by Israel.”

    I was thinking about this statement which, presented as such, is completely ludicrous. I’d love so see a link to a reference for it.

    But anyway, as an intellectual exercise, I spent a good part of the morning pondering if Israel really could be responsible for 96% of all Geneva convention violations that this NGO observed. It occured to me that this may technically be true.

    To report a Geneva Convention Violation, an NGO has to

    A) have a representative there who is able to observe
    B) not fear for the lives of their representatives if they report a violation
    C) have a representative who is willing to report what they see
    and D) there has to be a Geneva Convention Violation

    So let’s consider this.

    A) The reporter must be in an open society. When we think of open societies, we tend to think of western societies, where people can largely go wherever they want and see whatever they want. For instance, an observer in North Korea or China will be severely limited in where they can go and what they can see. Israel is an open society that NGOs are free to roam.

    B) Reporters get threatened in many places when they report something that the government wants repressed. The recent actions in Egypt and the many acts of repression in the PA controlled areas speak volumes for what gets reported in those areas. An NGO has to consider the well-being of their employees and volunteers which, in many societies, is not assured. No one is going to harm someone in Israel for publishing or publicizing something the goverment would prefer to be undisclosed. All you need to do is look at a sample of Israeli newspapers to see the downright hostile (to the Israeli government) tone they often take, and are willing to take, without fear of retribution.

    C) Many of these NGOs use volunteers and employees drawn from the local population. In many parts of the world people are very tribal, and tend not to disclose things which embarrass or endanger their “tribe” whether it be family, ethnicity, or religion. The countries surrounding Israel are perhaps more tribal in this regard than most countries around the world (although this tendency certainly exists to a greater or lesser extent everywhere). Judaism is rather unique in demanding of its followers a relentless pursuit of the truth, regardless of how unpopular it is among Jews or non-Jews or whatever. When a Hamas member appears on CNN, sitting next to him is Stanley Cohen, his Jewish lawyer. You have Jews standing beside (and kissing) a man who is threatening to vaporize Israel. The examples go on and on. Israeli volunteers will be willing to expose their societies faults in a way that other countries’ volunteers would not.

    D) Ah, the Geneva Convention. The Geneva Convention was designed in a world in which the armies of soverign nations battle one another, and was designed to subject those battles to certain rules. It was not designed to cover a situation in which the uniformed armed services of one country are doing battle against an enemy who dresses their fighters in civilian attire, hides their weapons in civilian structures, and fires their weapons using civilians – wittingly or unwittingly – as human shields. When Israel fights against HA, or Jihad Islami, or the “armed wings” of Hamas and Fatah, only Israel can, by definition, commit a Geneva Convention violation, because only Israel is subject to the Geneva Convention. Not to mention that many of the tactics employed by Israel’s enemies are designed exactly to generate (or exaggerate) civilian casualties so as to turn Israel into an international pariah. Other countries who are not at war, or who are using non-soverign proxies to fight that war (e.g. HA, Jihad Islami, or the “military wing” of this or that organization) cannot possibly violate the Geneva Convention. Norway will have no Geneva Convention Violations this year. Neither will Peru or Japan. Neither will Syria or Iran, who have proxies do their fighting for them.

    So Israel is an open society in which law abiding civilians can pursue lawful activity they want without threat or sanction from the state, in which people may feel free to publish what they wish, and which is held in a state of perpetual war with irregular proxy fighting forces who are aiming for the destruction of the state, plus or minus the liquidation of its Jewish inhabitants. So there are Geneva Convention violations to report, and the reporters feel comfortable reporting them, and the NGOs feel comfortable publicizing them.

    Does it surprise me, therefore, that 96.5% of the Geneva Convention violations that are reported by NGOs are committed by Israel? Come to think of it, no, not really. And now that I think of it, I’m kind of proud about it.

  41. Love your definition of a terrorist Slick L. It sounds exactly like the behaviour of muslim terrorists in Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, The Phillipines, Thailand, Algeria etc. etc. Blowing up civillians, beheading journalists, kidnapping, torturing and executing random people all for political purposes is exactly the kinds of behaviours that many muslim organizations support, raise funds for and execute. And now we can add Canada to the list too. In additions to planning the mass murder of civillians and the beheading of our Prime Minister, we have radical muslims threatening to kill and assaulting a muslim journalist who dared to express an opinion they didn’t agree with. As you can see, the world has much bigger problems than Israel acting in self defence.

  42. Karen,

    And, of course, since it is not a soverign state that is openly conducting these “activities”, there can be no Geneva Convention violation.

    I also can’t help but notice that you left Sudan off your list. But, y’know even though they’ve killed 100,000 people in an effort to ethnically and religiously cleanse Darfur, it’s okay as far as the Ummah is concerned ‘cuz it’s Muslims doing the killing. Jenin, on the other hand, was a “Massacre” because 23 willing human shields were unintentionally killed by Jews.

    As far as Canada is concerned, in the eyes of a Yank, Churchill said it best, “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.”

  43. ahahahaha….this blog is funny……..2 jews or jew lovers flattering each other, escaping the real argument and only commenting about its errors……….i never saw u arguing with the points i made…you know why that is…its because you cant!

  44. asileem,

    You haven’t made any points. Just a bunch of hyperbole and rabid antisemitism. I’d engage in a battle of wits with you, but it is ungallant to fight an unarmed opponent.

    If you have something to say, say it. If you just want to talk about your hatred of Jews, you probably should just write it on a wall somewhere.

  45. jew lovers flattering each other. WHY AM I NOT SUPPRISED IN THE USE OF A ANTI SEMITIC FORM OF THE TERM

    but then if sunni extremist are willing to be head shittes and shitte extremists are willing to do the same to sunni can i ever expect peace for this kifur from eather of them?

  46. asileem I have a question for you? Im i a ape or a pig my wife really needs to know because she is going out to shop and needs to buy the correct form of ‘chow’ monkey chow or pig chow.

  47. in jenin they were not human shields the last time i looked combat boots, and army fatiques and ak 47’s generally idicate combatants

  48. Yochanan,

    One Israeli patrol was drawn into an ambush by a seven year old boy. Was he a combatant? Or a willing human shield? I can’t really say. Either way, it’s pretty disgusting.

  49. Yo,

    Clearly. My question is whether you can fairly call a seven year old a “combatant”, even if he is, in fact, participating in the combat. I think you have to call him a human shield, albeit a willing one.

  50. asileem never answered my question and thanks to him my wife ended up buying both pig and monkey chow. now i have to fig out which one i get to eat.

  51. using a child in such a way is a war crime but do you think the U.N. or the MSM will ever mention it? don’t hold your breath

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