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5 thoughts on “An apology on Cannabis

  1. Any drug on a developing teenager brain is harmful. But as a Canadian who has had access to MUCH more potent cannabis than European weenies, I refuse to believe pot is more harmful than alcohol. It is just not possible.

    Keep pot away from kids, its numbs ambitions. Pot for the “get a few beers after work crowd to avoid spending time with my wife and kids market”, lay off the cannabis bashing UK.

  2. jordan, how about prescribing amphetamines to kids with ADD? You’ve really got to study the chemical at hand. Have you got a reference for your infered claim that cannabis is harmful for a developing brain? Given how safe it is (you can’t OD, it interacts negatively with very few other medications, etc) I wanna see hard data that it harms a developing brain. I think you’ve been sucked in by prohibitionist propaganda.

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