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The AbdelKarim's trial is becoming surreal.

Guess what the head Judge of the Alexandria court of appeals- the court Abdel Karim's case will go to if he gets a guilty verdict- does on his spare time?

He blogs.

The discovery was made by Gharbeia (link in arabic) and it gets better. The dude wrote a book on the legal bases and defintions of blogging. A freakin book! This is the Boss of any Judge that will take Abdel Karim's case in court. One wonders how will that affect the verdict exactly!

This is becoming so interesting!  

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38 thoughts on “A twist in Abdel Karim's trial

  1. Thing is, Justice should be blind. Obnoxious people have to be judged according to the evidence, not according to their own personal misgivings.

    Let’s hope the appeals court is going to be sane.

  2. The point is not whether “blogging” is illegal and Kareem violated that. The trail is about the content of his blog. The judge can blog all he wants, I doubt it will be relevant to Kareem’s case (unfortunately).

  3. Perry – I’m not sure what the hell “obnoxious” has anything to do with it, as I’m sure some fundies would consider what our host writes as obnoxious.

    But considering the sad state of affairs in Egypt you might be right. Let’s hope the fact this judge has a clue on what blogging is will help Kareem. This is a HUGE test for Egypt and I think it will have serious implications on Egypt if the ruling goes wrong.

    Twosret, well said, I agree 🙂 This poor kid deserves a medal for bravery and not jail time for his personal thoughts!

  4. “Perry – I’m not sure what the hell “obnoxious” has anything to do with it”

    Insults against the prophet are takien very seriously by Muslims. If he made “obnoxious” insults,he’ll never see daylight again. People familiar with his blog say he’s crude and vulgar. I don’t think he’ll get out of prison alive.

  5. The verdict has been set. No judge is going to side with someone who has been accused of religious crimes unless he fancies himself being killed say

  6. Some might say Sandmonkey is “crude and vulgar.”

    It doesn’t matter what he said, it’s HIS BLOG! I’m not sure what country you’re from but isn’t Freedom of Expression a BASIC human right in your country?

    I know we’re dealing with my home country and I am familiar with what he wrote, and he has every right to say what he believes. If you witnessed the barbarity of what he saw during the three days of rioting that took place in Alexandria last year you might understand why he said what he said…

    Let’s hope you’re wrong.

  7. the fact that the judge blogs does not mean that he might go easier on Abdel Karim. It really depends on judge’s view-points and particularly on what he stated in his book on blogging . On the other hand he might go easier on fellow blogger.

    btw anybody read the judge’s book on blogging?

  8. “I’m not sure what country you’re from but isn’t Freedom of Expression a BASIC human right in your country?”

    In the U.S.,an artist can dip christ in urine and get government funding. He can even win a prize for it. Yeah,that really happened. But,he wouldn’t be stupid enough to do the same with Mohammed. He’d have to hide for the rest of his life. And that’s in the U.S. Imagine the equivalent in Egypt. That’s what I think we have here….

  9. Egypeter, Twosret, I hope that his youth will be in his favor and that he will be given a second chance. They could release him with strict guidelines for his activities in the future, and if he is smart, he will abide by them–or try to immigrate to another country.

  10. lynne Says:”I hope that his youth will be in his favor and that he will be given a second chance. They could release him with strict guidelines for his activities in the future, and if he is smart, he will abide by them–or try to immigrate to another country.”

    I hope that the Court will acquit totally and comprehensively. Reject the culture of repression and censorship.

    OK. So that is not going to happen.

    In which case I hope he has the strength to see through whatever it is he wanted to do. And if he wants to be a martyr for freedom of expression, I hope he has the courage and determination to stand strong.

    The last thing I would want would be for him to try and fail and have to live in shame having humbled himself to get a pardon.

  11. Bad news everyone… The Bears lost. Civilization will now wane and finally crumble. The Oceans will swallow up the ports and the mountains will fall atop the cities. Beast will now hunt man. Eventually the sun will grow dark, and the earth cold and desolate. The last of man will lie huddled in a cold dark cave, lit by the flashes of a dying fire, wishing for when the only real problem was Brett Favre.

  12. Mark,

    I only caught the end of the game, but if what I saw was representative, the Bears deserved to lose. I’m not happy to say it, but that’s the way it was.

    But you should brighten up. Pitchers and Catchers report in a week, and the Cubbies are really gonna do it this year. This time I’m sure of it!

  13. Monkey – I told you you are BP. It IS SO obvious right now cuz you’re not blogging at the same time. I figured it out!

    Either you’re BP or a…

    CIA mosaad homosexual american zionist coptic neo-con snarky double-agent Israeli.

    One or the other, for sure.


  14. I’ve read many entries on Kareem’s blogs and have found his views to be obnoxious, extremely rude and insulting to muslims. However I’d very much like to sit down and talk with guy and discuss his point of view. Kareem’s outlook eventhough extreme at times does make many valid points.

    There is an astonishing rise in radical Islamism wich reared its ugly face during the events of the Alexandria Masacre. Kareem’s views (and others) should be put out in the open, analyzed and debated. Without this, the rise of dangerous interpretations (incompatible with this day and age) of the religion would not be curbed nor questioned. This would result in failure in religious reform and subsequent enivitable clashes with the west and within the religion itself.

    Without freedom of expression and voicing of even extreme criticism there can never be progress.

    Writing and expressing your opinions is not and should never be a crime. Free Kareem.

  15. Well put, Ramy! And free the Egyptians in general. All of us are hostage to this givernment and police, only protecting govenment officials, rich families and tourists. And the Egyptian people are simply treated like rubbish. This is exactly what the Talaat Harb events demonstrated : The girls that were being assaulted were nor tourists, nor Government, nor rich kids from influential families. So the Police couldn’t care less. If you want to sinbg along “Ya horreya Fenek, Fenek”, you can click on my name. It will take you to youtube where I put up so Egyptian Freedom Videos. All of you take care. Ahmad Sherif.

  16. Very well said Ramy and Ahmad Sherif.

    I, too, found Kareem’s posts to be vulgar and, at times, childish but his right to voice his opinion should not, and cannot, be abrogated. It is a fundamental, undeniable, basic right which everyone of every ideology, faith and opinion should enjoy… and to the fullest.

    But, a point to be made, I hope you’re not blaming and the tourists and the rich families for our government’s, and its agents’, actions.

    There is another note to be made for the Appeals Court Judge, bas el moshkela en el wa7ed bey2ala2 men enno yermee banzeen 3alal nar. Khosoosan law el nar 7aywala3ha nas… mashkook fe qodorathom el 3aqleya.

    Putting governmnet in it’s place, working for US!
    Justice? America has a justice system that says innocent until proven guilty. Did we prove Iraq had WMD. ties to terror, nuclear weapons, or did we attack & kill first?

    America has become the biggest joke in the world, abusing the American people. Corporate un-America & our mis-represenatatives have put 38,000,000 Americans in poverty, 45,000,000 without health insurance,. America has crime on the streets just like iraq or any other nation. Where in the hell did anyone get the idea Bush or any American politician has a clue as to how to solve another nation’s problems?

    Check out Nextrev. & get the truth about America. I send emails, letters, make calls all the time to my represenatatives & get noting but feel good bullshit lies encouraging one to chase his tail. America is the greatest lie ever lived!

    The America people are too damn scared of their governmnet to say or do anything. We send young kids to die in war based on lies while the patents of those kids can’t make a living wage. They beg for their own tax $ to fund education & when the kids get out of school they sign up for the military so they can get an education because their parents can’t afford to send them to college. They’re getting an education in Iraq!

    America is manipulated by coprorate $ & our mis-represenatatives are small change in the pocket of corrprate un-America which is making billions of $. Pennies on the dollar, campaign contributions buy our represenatation while the rich get richer & the middle class erodes into poverty.

    Bush, a reborn Chirstian calls others evil while killing thousands of innocent people. making billions on oil this fine example of a man is what America has become!

    Scott Tisthammer
    Have a look & see what one American has tried to do while the rest of America hides from the anti christ

  18. Response to Faisal : of course, I’m not blaming the tourists… Regarding the rich families I should make a longer response. I feel ‘rich families’ (I know, it’s an idiotic concept), let’s say the ‘educated, well off, influential and happy egyptians’ are in good position to help politically, socially and economically, and I don’t believe they’ve done much so far. Right?

  19. Won’t disagree with you there Ahmad… though, from a pragmatic point of view, I’d have to say that’s because there is no real reason (for them) which would push them into taking any sort of action.

    Besides, with corruption infesting every nook and cranny of Egyptian society, nothing less than a pure act of political or socio-economic philanthropy would get anyone, especially those that aren’t adversely affected by the current situation, to take any sort of action.

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