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This day started with me finding out that the number I reported yesterday was wrong. There were 35, not 31 detained. Hosam followed them around yesterday:

The detainees–we were told by leftist activists and rights lawyers
who took their cars and started chasing the Police trucks that had the
kidnapped activists–were taken to CSF troops camp in Darrassa (besides
Al-Azhar Park). Later, the trucks took the detainees to El-Dhaher
Police Station (halfway between Ramses and Ghamra), and that’s where
they are now.

The lawyers have not been granted access to the detainees inside the
police station, so we do not know the full number inside, but we think
it’s 35. Two activists earlier were released before the trucks reached
the police station. And now I’m told at least another four were

I’ll update the posting, as soon as I know the fate of the rest of the detainees.

UPDATE: 11 detainees have been released uptill now..

1-Abdel Khaleq Farouq

2-Mohamed Taher

3-Fathi Farid

4-Mohamed Saad Abdel Hafiz

5-Salah el-Weteidi

6-Mohamed Abdel Salam

7-Ahmad Islam

8-Amr Adel

9-Yehya el-Qazzaz

10-Abdel Hamid Arafa

11-Mohamed Ismail

UPDATE: It’s 1:30am now, three more have been released:

12-Mohssen Semeika

13-Mohamed Badr

14-Ahmad el-Gendy

UPDATE: It’s 3:30am now… No more detainees
released, and still no access given to lawyers for those in the custody
of El-Dhaher Police Station. The only thing the police station allowed,
was passing the food and blankets bought by activists who had been
assembling outside the police station, according to lawyer Ahmad Ragheb
of the Hisham Mubarak Law Center who’s currently present in front of
the police station. The officers also refused to disclose the full
number and names of activists in their custody, but it’s believed there
are at least 20 Kefaya members locked up, including: Khaled Abdel
Hamid, Bahaa Saber, Waleed Salah, Nagui Rashad, Mohamed Malek, Mahmoud
el-Wardani, Ahmad Alaa, Omar Ibrahim, Ahmad Abdel Gawad, Na’el Yehia,
Mohamed Adel, Abdel Hadi el-Mashadd, Victor Naguib, Rami Tawfiq, Gad
el-Islam Gamal, and others.

The El-Dhaher Police Station agents told the lawyers the detainees
were to sleep overnight at the station, but will be referred to the
State Security Prosecutor on Friday morning…

Update: It’s 4am now… The lawyers still given no
information, no access to the detainees, so they are leaving and will
be returning in the early morning (in few hours) to follow up on the
case. We still don’t know which prosecutor office the detainees will be
shipped to: el-Tagammu el-Khames, Galaa or Heliopolis.

So the wisdom of the day is basically Mubarak’s Egypt starts the era
of “constitutional reforms” by detaining those opposed to the
“constitutional reforms”…

UPDATE: It’s 5:20am now… and here’s the latest update
from HMLC lawyer and activist Ahamd Ragheb: There are 21 detainees at
the El-Dhaher Police Station, locked up in two seperate cells. One has
12 detainees and the other has nine. More worryingly, the detainees
have not been registered officially in the police station’s records,
according to Ragheb. There will be lawyers waiting in front of the
police station tomorrow 8am, to know where the hell exactly the
detainees will be taken to, as the El-Dhaher Police Station officers
would not release any information, except they “received verbal orders
from State Security to keep the detainees till the morning, before they
are taken to the prosecutor,” said Ragheb.

And now, today, I wake up to the news that the 21 activists that weren't released got taken to the Gala2 court. Later on, while being in the Sawy culture Wheel, where I saw Gharbeia, we get a message from Sharqawi informing us that there is a police arrest order for him, Alaa, George Ishac, AbdelHalim Qandill, Kamal Khalil and Kefayah financer Hani Anan. Will seek confirmation.

Update: Sharqawi confirmed it. His lawyers found out from the police reports that there were orders for the arrest of all those people. We will have to wait and see whether this pans out and they do get arrested. The regime seems to be very intent on silencing all opposition voices before this year's referndum on the constitutional reforms. Guess the new terrorism is geing tried out for measure!

Update: Also add to this list Abeer el askary and Wael Abbas. The charge? The crime of instigating people and causing instability. I swear to god. It's an actual charge! 

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  1. Is it remotely possible that there are freedom/liberty/republican/non-tyrannical-pro-capitalism movements in the Middle East that might draw some inspiration from those in Eastern Europe during Communism?

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