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After watching 5 back to back episodes of 24, here are my thoughts:

1) The people who make this show can not tell arabs and indians apart!

2) Is it just me, or is Assad the coolest terrorist ever? He is like the arab Bauer! Give Assad his own show.

3) The villian, Fahad, should be named "Bin Diesel" from now on! (coined by Sarah K )

4) Nuclear explosions are not a problem, it seems. You can have one in your city and it's all good!

5) Bauer can still kill you and everybody you know, even if he was all broken and tortured in chinese prison for 20 months.

6) Stabbing Bauer doesn't stop him or weaken him, or even make him bleed for long. He has wolverine-like healing powers, and this shit just makes him angry. And you don't want Bauer angry. I mean, he killed a man in the first episodes by biting a chunk of his neck out. Wanna mess with that guy?

7) Kal Pen gets the worst terrorist ever portrayed on TV award. His reason for turning on his american friend? He can't pronounce his name right "It's AKKKKHHHHMEDDDDDDDDD"! Boooo!

8) The new Black President is way too eager to give terrorists what they want! He is a pussy. Me hates him. And his sister is annoying! Where is his wife btw? What? A single AND black President? Yeah, cause that's plausible!

9) Why do people always question Jack Bauer? Just do what he tells you to do. He is always right!

10) Keifer Sutherland has the coolest voice for the job. I want that voice. No one would ever mess with me with that voice!

Ohh, and is it just me, or is this show a little too torture friendly? 

All in all, I am not sure you could call this show racist against arabs or bigoted against muslims, because for every bad arab or muslim they show (Bin Diesel, AKHMED) they have a good one (the head of the IAA and Nadia). I think they do the whole PC dance very well, and sooner or later the main villians will stop being muslims and will become russian or chinese or both. Oh, and the CTU and the White House will have like 30 traitors each. That's what always happens. It's a 24 tradition! So don't fret over the muslim/arab thing, Bauer will be torturing chinese or russian ass in no time!

That is all. 

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22 thoughts on “24, reviewed

  1. When they first introduced Ahmed and I saw that it was Kumar, I about passed out laughing! How could they make Kumar/Taj a terrorist. Too funny.

    And I don’t think the show is racist. That muslim in detention is awesome. He was trying to hook us up. And it’s not just Arabs, there weren’t any Arabs in last sesasons episodes.

    Jack Bauer is an equal opportunity ass kicker. I hope we have a whole bunch of Bauer’s really running around.

  2. I spose Achmed could have been Pakistani. Also all us nerds will recognize Assad as the English Accented Dr Julian Bashere from Star Trek DS9

  3. What it is this thing with westerners nowadays instead of pronouncing ‘A7med’ in their own usual way of using the regular ‘h’ sound and saying ‘Ahmed’ are nowadays using the ‘kh’ sound like the ‘ch’ in ‘Bach’ and saying ‘Akhmed’? When did that change happen?

    Like Ma7moud 3abbas, they used to call him ‘Mahmoud Abbas’ with the regular ‘h’ sound on the news over here in Sweden, and now they are pronouncing it ‘Makhmoud Abbas’ all the time instead.

  4. the show is weak regardless of the attempt to show the same number of good brown people as bad evil-doing terrorists. its hollywood doing what it does best. providing the a large part of the american public with its sole source of information/education based on what producers think will help their ratings and hidden agendas. bidaaaaaaaaan.

  5. Mark, the sound we write as ‘7’ is like an ‘h’ sound but without any vibration in your throat. It’s kind of a breathy kind of sound.

    The ‘3’ sound I’m not even going to try to explain because it’s just impossible. Even if I was talking to you in person it would be difficult to teach you to say it properly.

  6. Peter
    Is Kumar the guy from American Pie? Is he the same guy from “..White Castle” or are u referring to the British show “the Kumars at no 42” ?
    I think this new season starts here on Wednesday. Great- the hubby and boys will be into it and I will get an hour to myself to do absolutely whatever it is I want while they are glued to the TV set.

  7. Suspect – The evil Ahmed was the hysterical Kumar from “Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle” and also played a hilarious role in “Van Wilder”

    Two movies that made me burst with laughter 🙂

    I have no idea about the British show. Hope sunny and beautiful Australia is well!

  8. Minor point:

    One should not confuse a critiques, suspicion, or disdain for Muslims with racism. Islam is a specific body of ideas that one voluntarily adheres to once one is old enough to think for oneself, not a racial category that one is confined to by an accident of one’s birth.

    The attempt to conflate Islam with a racial or sexual identity that one is born into is Orwellian wordplay that attempts to silence rational criticism of or hostility to an ideology by conflating it with traits that one inherits by birth and thereby equating it with racism or homophobia. These efforts are responsible for the arrival of expressions like “Islamophobia,” or “flying while Muslim,” appearing on the linguistic landscape.

    Thus a community of people who ascribe to an ideology that they have voluntarily adopted have successfully transmogrified rational scrutiny of what they believe and how they conduct themselves into a parable of racial victimhood. The sooner that people in the West refuse to accept the false association of anti-Muslim sentiment with racism, the better.

  9. Peter
    LOL- Kumar is a bad guy? I have to see this. What were the casting people thinking!
    The British show is hilarious- you would love it- it’s about this Indian guy who has a TV studio at the back of his house (where he lives with his parents and grandma) He has celbrities over to interview them at his studio but his family always get involved.
    It’s bloody hot here- 42 celcius- which is about 568 farenheit (OK- that’s a slight exaggeration but it is bloody hot)!
    Hope you are well dear friend and thanks for the comments you left on my blog 🙂

  10. Jay
    I like what you have written. I have a real problem with the term ‘Islamophobia’ and the consequences of its use.

  11. Torture on ’24’

    One of the most engaging articles that I read last week was one in the New Yorker examining the repercussions of the myriad of torture scenes in the award-winning Fox drama 24. Entitled Whatever it takes — Jack Bauer’s famous line from the show — th…

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